’50 Shades of Grey’ Gets Musical, Comedic Makeover Off-Broadway in ‘Cuff Me’

’50 Shades of Grey’ Gets Musical, Comedic Makeover Off-Broadway in ‘Cuff Me’

It might have seemed like it was impossible to escape “Fifty Shades of Grey” — where ever you went in pop culture, there it was. But it hadn’t made its way to the theater. Until now.

“Cuff Me: The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody” premieres Off-Broadway on March 27 at the Actors Temple Theater in New York. The official opening will be held May 5.

The parody was conceived by Tim Flaherty, and will be directed by Sonya Carter. Virginia improv group The Pushers wrote the musical, which it should be pointed out is an unauthorized parody, though that’s probably obvious. Songs featured in the musical are parodies of hit songs, rewritten to tell the story of the famous novel. Casting for the new production includes Laurie Gardner, Matthew Brian Bagley, Alex Gonzalez and Tina Jensen. Specific writers (in addition to Flaherty) are Bradford McMurran, Jeremiah Albers and Sean Michael Devereux.

According to Entertainment Events, the production “is the unauthorized hilarious parody of the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ book phenomenon! Grab your girlfriends and get ready to laugh at this sexy, and hysterical romp! ‘Cuff Me! The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody’ will have you dancing in the aisles as the cast of four belts out hilarious parodies of hit songs from your favorite artists, all while spoofing the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ book!”

The new musical is not, however, the first musical parody of the best-selling book by E.L. James. That honor would go to “50 Shades! The Musical,” which has played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Chicago and in New York.

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” was released in 2011 and has since become the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series. There have not been any public talks of a real musical based on the book, which may or may not be for the best.