Aaron Sorkin Busy Writing Musical for Broadway Debut

Earlier this year, Academy and Emmy Award-winning writer Aaron Sorkin withdrew his involvement from the Broadway musical Houdini, but he now says that he still is working on a new musical project, which will be his first.

“I’m going to be doing a Broadway musical, and there will be plenty of extended dance sequences,” he said, according to Vanity Fair, though he wouldn’t reveal any more details. “”I’m going to tell you . . . just when we’re allowed to announce it. You’ll be the first to know. I can’t say anything else about it, though.”

Sorkin is no stranger to the stage in the form of plays, and first became known as the screenwriter of A Few Good Men, which debuted on Broadway in 1989. Other plays he has worked on include Making Movies and The Farnsworth Invention.

He is better known, however, as a screenwriter, including The American President and The Social Network. For the latter he was awarded the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. He won multiple Emmy Awards for his acclaimed television show The West Wing, and also produced the show Sports Night. He currently works on the HBO show The Newsroom, which returns for its second season on July 14.

Sorkin’s role in Houdini was as librettist, and the production was set to have a score by Stephen Schwartz. It has been rumored that Sorkin left the show to work on the new season of The Newsroom as well as a Steve Jobs biopic.

For as much work as Sorkin has produced, he says in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he often struggles with writer’s block.

“Writer’s block is like my default position. When I’m able to write something, that’s when something weird is going on.”

No word yet whether all the “extended dance sequences” will actually just be the well-known Sorkin “walk-and-talks.”