Alan Menken Writing New Songs for ‘Newsies’ Broadway Musical

Alan Menken is busy writing new songs for the musical Newsies Broadway debut. The musical is based on the Disney movie with the same title and enjoyed a great stage run in New Jersey. It is set to open on Broadway in March. Apparently, songwriter Alan Menken is still tweaking the musical according to his Twitter messages.

He mentioned other things he was working including Mirror, Mirror scoring, Leap of Faith possibilities, and being busy with the holidays. However, in the middle he did mention new songs. Will the new songs make it into the production? How will they change the musical? Will it be better than the New Jersey production? Will it be better than the movie? These are the questions people are starting to wonder.

Menken is an Academy Award songwriter best known for his Disney scores. He also has won eight Oscar Awards. Menken has also won seven Golden Globe Awards. He has done the score and songs for movies such as “Tangled,” “Enchanted” and “The Little Mermaid” just to name a few. He did the songs and score for the original movie Newsies.