‘Bend It Like Beckham’ Gets Musical for West End, Broadway

“Bend it Like Beckham” a 2002 film is going to be turned into a musical to be performed inLondon’s West End and New York’s Broadway. Movies are getting second life as theatre productions quite often. The stage production might do well since it was a successful movie. The namesake Beckham comes from soccer superstar David Beckham.

The story in the movie and soon to be musical is one of friendship of two girl soccer players their friendship and their game. One player is from India and the other from Britain so there is the cultural differences as well. The film’s director Gurinder Chadha is the source of the film moving to the stage. The producer of the musical is set to be Sonia Friedman.

The production is a long way off from hitting the stage. The person to produce the score has not been selected and auditions have not been held. The Telegraph reports Keira Knightley who starred in the movie will not be reprising her role in the musical. Which probably also means co-star Parminder Nagra will not be reprising her role. However, since the stage production is not going to go to the stage until the film is aat least ten years old it might be the right time to go with different stars.