Bette Midler Makes Broadway Return in ‘I’ll Eat You Last’

Bette Midler Makes Broadway Return in ‘I’ll Eat You Last’

Bette Midler is returning to Broadway in the new play “I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers.”

The play, by John Logan, is set to open on April 24 at a Shubert theater that will be named later. Midler will play the legendary Hollywood agent Mengers in the one-character play.

Here’s how press notes describe the production.

Sue Mengers was an American original. She was the first female ‘superagent’ at a time when women talent agents of any kind were almost unheard of. She came from near poverty, a refugee from Hitler’s Germany, and worked her way up through pluck, charm, and a legendary wit. In that uniquely American way, she invented herself; and when the career she wanted didn’t exist, she invented that as well: ‘Superagent.’ It was a term Hollywood all but coined for her. By the 1970’s, she represented almost every major star in Hollywood and went on to become the town’s most renowned hostess.

Logan won a Tony Award for “Red,” and is known recently as the screenwriter of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall. In a statement, he described meeting Mengers.

“I met Sue Mengers only once, at a dinner party,” Logan said. “The kaftan, constant cigarettes, tinted glasses, and perfect blond hair were much in evidence; so too the deliciously wicked wit and stevedore language. But something else fascinated me just as much: a sense of sadness, a deep resignation; a woman whose time had passed her by. At one point I asked her what had changed most about Hollywood since she had arrived. She didn’t hesitate for a second: ‘Honey, we used to have fun…’ Later in the evening she settled back and lit up a joint. There she was: a joint in one hand and a cigarette in the other. At that moment I knew I had to write the play.”

Midler has appeared on Broadway previously in “Bette! Divine Madness” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”