Cher Working on Broadway Musical Based on Her Life

Cher announced recently via Twitter that a musical about her life currently is in production.

“Prod r trying 2 write mucial [sic] now about my life with my music,” she tweeted on Monday. She also said that she will be helping with the script because, “I’m help.2 write cause i was there & know stories that no1 knows but me.”

Cher went on to say that the musical would feature three important stages in her life. The first would be the time before she met Sonny Bono, running through their subsequent marriage and appearing together on the “Sonny & Cher” television show. The second period would be after divorce from Bono and her comeback “Believe” tour in 1999. Finally, the last stage would focus on the present day, which finds the artist getting ready to release a new album.

Through a series of tweets, Cher revealed more about the production

“I hope it happens! It’s a VERY SLOW PROCESS! Been working on it quite a while now,” she wrote before explaining that she may play “old Cher” herself.

“She’s wise n tells 2 young 1’s not 2 fear future,” she added.

No other official information has been released about the project. Rolling Stone points out that the singer has won at least one Oscar, Emmy and Grammy in the past, but has never been awarded a Tony Award. She could now be set to change that.

Cher currently is working on a new studio album, which will be her first since 2002’s Living Proof. No official release date has been specified, but Cher said in April that she hopes it will be out by Christmas. She also has planned to undertake a tour she has dubbed the “Never Can Say Goodbye Tour.” The tour was originally intended to begin in August, but no dates have been announced.