Christie Brinkley Jumps the Pond to Star in ‘Chicago’ on West End

Christie Brinkley Jumps the Pond to Star in ‘Chicago’ on West End

Christie Brinkley might be 57 years old, however she has proven it’s never too late for starting a new life. The former supermodel is preparing to make her debut next month on a West End stage.

Brinkley, who was the inspiration for former husband Billy Joel’s hit single, “Uptown Girl,” will be starring in London’s production of “Chicago” as Roxie Hart. For the last two months, she has been wowing Broadway audiences.

Brinkley said she and Joel used to act scenes out from Broadway shows such as “Oliver!” and “West Side Story” with Alexa, their daughter. She also said Joel had told her she should give Broadway a try.

In an interview with the Standard, Brinkley said she had no clue why producers would even think she could play the role, since she hadn’t had any stage appearances before. However, she now wishes that she had launched her acting career earlier.

Brinkley said, I had considered it before. However I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Now I realize it isn’t ever too late for trying something new. Without a doubt, this is the highlight of my career. It’s a big departure for me. I had lots to lose.

Brinkley is thrilled about going to London. It’s the crème fraiche for the scones. This is unbelievable. Each time I go to London, I have a great time.

Brinkley and Amra-Faye Wright, Brinkley’s New York co-star, will be joining the “Chicago” cast for a run of four weeks at Cambridge Theatre starting July 11.

Photo Credit: Rubenstein | Flickr