Dethroned Julie Taymor Stands Behind ‘Spider-man’ Work

Never mind the fact that “Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark” went through more preview showings than most Broadway productions have official performances. Never mind the fact that multiple cast members were injured. Never mind the fact that audiences left with lukewarm opinions.

Never mind the fact that it just didn’t work –

Julie Taymor stands by her efforts in “Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark.” If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that you should NEVER critique Julie Taymor unless you want to be slapped with a lawsuit (which is moving towards litigation this week.) In all fairness, from what can be gleaned through internet forums and posted rumblings of cast and crew, her ideas for the production were very interesting. The incorporation of a “greek” chorus, at least in the opinion of this humble writer, was brilliant.

When money, or should I say, A LOT of money is on the line, emotions often run high. When international rock superstars are attached to a project, tensions run high. When the subject material of said project is based on one of the most renowned comic series of all time, tensions run high.

It’s a shame that things ended the way they did for Taymor and the production. Magic could have happened.