‘Flashdance’ Looking to Dance on Broadway August 2013

‘Flashdance’ Looking to Dance on Broadway August 2013

The musical version of the hit movie “Flashdance” is coming to Broadway next August.

Producer Marc Routh spoke to the New York Times  about why the production will be eschewing the usual spring or fall openings for Broadway shows.

“I think one of the advantages is that with our title, we’re not relying on being blessed by the critics,” Routh said. “The tourist market, the primary summer market, is well aware of our title. On audience surveys it ranks high for what people want to see. We’re optimistic of being able to attract audiences.”

Though producers announced that the production will begin performances in August 2013, no official opening date was specified. The theater and casting will be announced at a later date, as well.

The production was originally slated to appear on Broadway this fall, but was pushed back to next year because of lack of a proper venue and so that more work could be done on the show, according to Routh.

A London version of the production played in 2010, and the show will undertake a national tour of the U.S. before coming to Broadway next year.

The first stop on that tour will be in Pittsburgh next January. The Steel City provides the setting for “Flashdance,” which focuses on a female welder and dancer in Pennsylvania. Though that part has not been cast, Routh did say that the role has “star-making” potential.

“There could easily be a name involved but at this point there’s not,” he told the Times. “The female lead is so monumental. She has to be an amazing triple-threat performer.”

Jennifer Beals starred in the female lead in the 1983 film version of the story. The stage adaptation will include the hit songs from the film like “Maniac,” “Gloria” and “Flashdance… What a Feeling.”