‘Frozen’ Set to Tour Arenas As Ice Show

‘Frozen’ Set to Tour Arenas As Ice Show

The widely popular franchise that is Frozen will now be adding another notch to its belt. The Walt Disney Company has disclosed plans to produce an ice skating show based upon the blockbuster hit that will begin touring arenas in September.

John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Walt Disney Animation Studios, shared in an email that, “it means so much to us that they’re creating the show with all of the heart, humor, and beauty of Frozen that audiences fell in love with.”

Patty Vincent, Frozen on Ice director, stated that the Feld creative team has been in close collaboration with John Lasseter, and the film’s directors and producers. “Their input has been extraordinarily helpful as we try to exceed the very high fan expectations. They helped us with Elsa’s style of movement — balletic, vertical — and how it differs from Anna, who is more playful and horizontal.”

The quick move to create a Disney on Ice production of Frozen speaks to the power of the film and the degree to which Disney is willing to take advantage of it. Roger A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, told analysts on May 6, “This is definitely up there in terms of our top, probably, five franchises. So you can expect us to take full advantage of that over the next five years, I would guess.”

Frozen on Ice will be the skating equivalent to a Broadway touring musical with a cast of 39 performers and nine tractor trailers in order to move to each city.   Nicole Feld, a producer of the Frozen show, said that the production “will make kids and their parents feel like they are actually trekking up those mountains and experiencing the storm inside Elsa.”