‘Fuerza Bruta: Look Up’ Sets Closing Date Off-Broadway for November 11

Often described as a “spectacle,” the Off-Broadway production “Fuerza Bruta: Look Up” will close after five-years in New York on November 10 at the Daryl Roth Theatre.

At that point, the production will have played more than 1,500 performance at the theater since it opened in New York in October 2007. The play originated in Buenos Aires in 2005.

“It’s been an amazing five-year run in New York and we look forward to the remaining months to celebrate this spectacular theatrical experience as New Yorkers and tourists alike get a final chance to jump into the exciting world at ‘Fuerza Bruta,’” said executive producer Stephen Shaw in a statement.

In addition to the New York and Buenos Aires stints, the productions also has played in 20 locations around the world. These include Antwerp, Berlin, Bilbao, Cordoba, Knokke Heist, Madrid, Puerto Rico, Queretaro, Rosario, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv. A tour of Asia launched in February of this year in Manila, and is set to continue at least through the end of the year.

Producers describe the performance as follows:

Breaking free from the confines of spoken language and theatrical convention, “Fuerza Bruta” is an event where worlds collide and reality takes a back seat. At show time, audience are ushered onto the main stage where they are engulfed in a 360 degree spectacle featuring mind-blowing visual effects just inches above the audience that must be seen to be believed – a man running full throttle on a giant treadmill, bursting through a series of moving walls; performers suspended in mid-air surrounded by a vast sea of Mylar; and gorgeous women twisting ethereally in a Lucite pool above the audience.

The show was created by Diqui James, who also co-founded and co-created the similar show “De La Guarda.” When the show opened in 2007, it was originally only scheduled for an 18-week run.