‘Funny Girl’ Revival Cancelled After Investors Jump Ship

The planned revival of “Funny Girl” on Broadway was dropped. It was dropped for the same reason so many local theatre productions are being dropped and that is lack of funding. It is no secret the county’s economy is not good at the moment. Financial backers backed out of financing this expensive revival.

Broadway theatre goers will miss out of seeing “Funny Girl,” a show that last ran in the 60’s starring Barbara Streisand. The revival would have starred Lauren Ambrose and Bobby Cannavale. Now those stars have to find other projects to occupy their time.

Cannavale is a veteran film and television star. He has also starred on Broadway winning a Drama Desk Award in 2011 for “The Motherf#$ker with a Hat.” Lauren Ambrose is best known for HBO role in “Six Feet Under.” However, she has appeared in several films and television shows since 1997. She is also a veteran of Broadway making her debut in 2006 in “Awake and Sing.”

Bob Boyett was to be the producer. Boyett has won nine Tony Awards for his productions so he had quite the track record. However, in order for the play to be successful it needed funding and rumor has it about four investors backed out with $3-4 million dollars which was necessary to launch the show.