Glee ‘Diva’ Review & Recap

Glee ‘Diva’ Review & Recap

This episode start with Kurt inner monologue about what we all think about Rachel’s attitude and behavior when she morphs into diva mode (annoying and selfish!). He concludes with “…needs to be knocked down a few pegs, and I am the only one who can do it.”

After the title, we transition to Emma who is trying to finalize wedding plans on her own while having a minor meltdown. *Who else besides me forgot about the impending wedding?* Emma and Finn discuss Mr. Schue, and Finn is understandably dreading his return for fear that he will have to give up the Glee Club (I will say it again: I LOVE Finn this season!) This conversation leads to a Diva lesson for the club, helping them lock in the right attitude for the upcoming Regionals. A conversation on who the biggest diva is leads to Unique, Brittany, Tina, Blaine, Marley, and Kitty singing Beyoncé’s “Diva.”

Rachel and Kurt finally have it out as Kurt tries to put her in the place (which she needs!). When she gets like this I can’t stand her character (almost as much as I can’t stand Kitty – and that is saying a lot!). She is intolerable becoming a horrible person and friend. During this spirited discussion, Kurt admits that he tanked “Defying Gravity” back in season 1 (yay!). That throws Rachel off her game. I loved that moment!

Blaine sings (and plays the piano) on “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen in full out leather jacket and hat! Nice look! Even while sick, he still rocks it. Very fun performance and vocally he is heads above the rest (as usual).

Finn and Emma have enrolled Santana’s help in showing the Glee Club what a Diva is. *Doesn’t she have classes she should be attending?* She sings “Nutbush City Limits” by Ike & Tina Turner. She was the ultimate Diva and gave a hot performance, but was it necessary – probably not. Santana and Brittany are at odds because Brittany didn’t tell her that she was dating Sam (and Santana introduces her “girlfriend”).

Rachel redeems herself a bit when she defends Kurt to a couple catty who were trashing him. He doesn’t need her though and stands up for himself!

Finn is upset about Rachel moving on, and Emma encourages him to get back in the dating pool (I’d like to put in my application!)

Why would Santana be upset that Brittany and Sam are dating (“…she chose you, the one person she knew would send my brain straight to Lima Heights”)? She never really liked him, and they didn’t date long. A confrontation between Sam and Santana ends with them singing “Make No Mistake, She’s Mine” by Barbara Streisand and Kim Carnes. I enjoyed the background with the musicians and how the number was set up – that was about it.

In moment of insanity, Tina admits, to an unknowingly sleeping Blaine, that she is falling in love with him. She proceeds to molest him with Vicks VapoRub and by forcably snuggling him. *Crazy*

Midnight madness (aka NYADA’s version of Diva-off) is happening. Kurt and Rachel face off to “Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables. The crowd agrees with me that Kurt won. I think until the final note that Rachel was more off than I have ever heard her, and it certainly wasn’t her typical powerful performance.

Thank you Sue for saying what I was thinking about the frequently returning cast members! It’s revealed that Santana dropped out a month ago. *No way – people there thought she was a bitch* Sue offers her the chance to serve as her successor, taking over the Cheerios when she dies.

Tina freaks out on Blaine, and I’m not viewing it as Diva behavior – again it’s just crazy. In the courtyard, she performs Madonna’s “Hung Up.” Both vocally and dancing/showmanship, she gets an A+.

Go Kurt with his brass pair, showing the ability to stand up for himself!!

The Diva award deservedly goes to Tina. If anyone else won, I was going to throw my remote at the TV. Blaine and Tina agree to go to Mr. Schue’s wedding together.

Rachel is moping and feeling sorry for herself, and it’s so infuriating. Kurt is an incredible friend and cheers her up.

Finn kisses Emma while she is in the middle of a breakdown due to the wedding plans. That came out of left field!!

Brittany was the smart one in the conversation – how does that make you feel Santana? Santana sings “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys and ends up in New York at Kurt and Rachel’s place. Somehow, she invites herself to move in. That is sure to spice things up.

Final (extra) thoughts:
Seriously Marley, you have the nerve to say to Tina “you’ve kind of been talking some ridiculous trash for months, unchallenged and that stops now.”

> Observations during the song “Diva:
Vocally Unique and Tina really stood out on this one and on the other side of the spectrum: Marley and Kitty didn’t add anything to the performance.
Blaine looked really good (loved the hair!!)
> Tina’s crush on Blaine better end soon!
> Santana got the feature role on more songs than she deserves (I mean 3 songs, and she isn’t even a regular cast member)
> Who still has that much to do a few weeks before a wedding??
> Repeat songs:
Don’t Stop Me Now
Hung Up

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Diva
Season 4, Episode 13
Original Air Date: February 7, 2013