Glee ‘Dynamic Duets’ Television Recap & Review

Glee ‘Dynamic Duets’ Television Recap & Review

I am thankful for characters and storylines that leave an impression on you long after an episode airs. I am also thankful for music, and I am thankful for good looking eye candy (shallow moment). So yes, I am thankful for Glee!

This episode starts in a light-hearted manner with a “Secret Society of Super Heroes Club” meeting (complete with a bald capped Artie, slow run in costume, and classic superhero sound effects).

The Glee Club is warned that their Nationals Trophy has been stolen, and a laptop has been left behind with a message from The Warblers issuing a challenge for a Sectionals win.

Jake asks Marley to hang out, and she has to turn him down because she has plans with Ryder for that same day. Ryder makes an appearance, and needless to say it gets a bit tense. Jake and Ryder exchange words and the fighting starts. Finn (channeling Mr. Schue in a sweater vest) intercedes with a little assistance from some Super heroes.

Finn tries motivating the Glee Club but is fumbling and presents a horrendous idea (Foreigner songs, sung in foreign languages, wearing costumes of the world’s nation). The group recognizes the weakness of the idea, and Blaine storms out (in superhero – cape flying style), claiming he is going to retrieve the trophy from the Warblers.

Blaine walks down a familiar stairwell in Dalton harkening back to when he first met Kurt (that made me “awww” just thinking of that moment). Blaine meets the new captain of the Warblers (Hunter Clarendon – played by newcomer Nolan Gerard Funk) in a dramatic, yet amusing, fashion. He discloses his evil plot to get Blaine back (trophy in exchange for Blaine). They try to persuade him and hit him at his Achilles’ heel: singing front and center with the Warblers. Blaine is in his comfort zone singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” (I would agree with Hunter’s description of it as flawless).

In an attempt to inspire and connect with the group, Finn is dressed in costume (The Almighty Trouble Clef). He pairs Ryder and Jake, Marley and Kitty for duets to foster teamwork and encourage them to attempt to get along. This leads to a duet first by Jake and Ryder of R.E.M.’s “Superman.” Vocally, they meshed really well. However, the whole part of them fighting for Marley while she is trying to look cute and coy was nauseating. This competition led to a fist fight and a scolding from Finn who gives them a new assignment to tell each other their deepest fears.

Blaine admits to Finn that he sang with the Warblers and that it felt right where he belonged. You get the impression that he is trying to convince himself of that as much Finn. Finn knows this is connected to Kurt and gives Blaine a pep talk, but unfortunately Blaine is still not convinced when he leaves.

Jake divulges his “kryptonite” to Ryder (he feels like he doesn’t belong), and Jake states he couldn’t read the note Jake gave him. Completing their portion of the original assignment, Kitty and Marley sing Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”. The singing was nothing special, but the dancing with the whip was fun and creative.

Jake, in an act of selfless bravery, tells Ryder’s secret to Finn. Finn takes Ryder to a specialist so he can get help and find out why he struggles. Through this testing, he learns he is dyslexic. He has an emotional and revealing breakdown, finding support and strength in Finn.

We meet up with the other super hot Puckerman brother, Noah (Puck). He is “working” on Hollywood Boulevard, dressed as “The Pucker Man” taking pictures with tourists for money. Jake has called him for advice and gets typical Puck advice that leaves you shaking your head in humor.

Blaine dashed all my hopes (and denials) in the flashback and discussion of what took place that broke him and Kurt up. Sam was wise and sincere and stood out in his scenes with Blaine. He is a good friend and a good person who doesn’t judge which is something Blaine needs far more than he needs the spotlight or a blazer.

Sam and Blaine sing a moving rendition of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” This song was interspersed with clips of them using their superpowers for good, and it was sweet to see. The camaraderie between Sam and Blaine is underutilized. It was unexpected at first since they just never hung out or associated much, but it really works. They steal back their trophy from the Warblers and present it back to the club.

The New Directions sing fun. “Some Nights.” This song was very reminiscent of previous numbers. In first season-esque style, the characters were wearing same color shirts (different styles) and everyone was singing and dancing on the stage. This song does confirm that they don’t have anyone of Mercedes or Santana’s talent who can belt out a note to give a song every “umph.”

Final (extra) thoughts:

  • Loved the Glee title (so clever)
  • Beistemaster! Love it!
  • Surprised I haven’t started fast forwarding through Kitty’s scenes. Yeah, she is that frustrating!
  • Sam cracks me up.
  • I am loving this mature Finn and he has stepped into the role of leader effortlessly but still remains true to the Finn we know and love (“not a brain tumor is it?”)
  • $10, for $20 I’ll clean your pool, and if you give me $100 I’ll give you the greatest night of your life.” ~ Puck
  • Slaine!! Too funny!!
  • Repeat song: Dark Side

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Dynamic Duets
Season 4, Episode 7
Original Air Date: November 22, 2012