Glee ‘Feud’ Episode Review & Recap

Glee ‘Feud’ Episode Review & Recap

Last week’s Glee left us with a lingering tension between Will and Finn due to the admission that burst forth from Finn about laying his lips on Emma.

Some of the students have launched an “intervention” because the feud between the two has reached epic proportions, making it extremely tense and uncomfortable in the Glee Club (amusing montage to display the childish behavior). This leads to the students giving the leaders an assignment to set aside their differences and perform together (yay!)

With Santana by her side, Rachel discovers she’s not pregnant. Santana advises Rachel to reevaluate her choices, starting first and foremost with Brody. Next, we hop over to Brody at a fancy gala, picking up lonely socialite (to pay for tuition). Brody and Rachel perform “How to Be a Heartbreaker” by Marina and the Diamonds. I very much enjoyed the ballroom dancing and the choreography of that whole scene and thought it was quite exceptional and original. So to answer a question from a previous review: Yes, Brody is a male whore.

Sue reminded Blaine Devon Anderson and us that he joined the Glee Club. She is calling on him because she needs him suit up for regionals and try as he might to resist, we all know she will manipulate things to get him to end up in the Cheerios jumpsuit.

We spy Ryder chatting with a girl online and learn they have been talking for a week. A question from his online girlfriend shows a clip of Wade “Unique” Adams interfering and scolding Ryder for (ironically) interfering in Marley & Jake’s relationship. He decides to work out their feud through song to continue the theme of the week.

Sue takes it typically too far by tricking Blaine into putting cement in his hair, stealing his identity and having a plane fly by containing a message regarding him. This feud is amusing and both characters are forces to be reckoned with. I think they need more screen time together.

We finally get to Ryder and Unique’s feud song. They have chosen a mashup of “The Bitch is Back” & “Dress You Up” by Elton John/Madonna. They did well individually but as a combination it didn’t work for me. Not sure if it was the vocals or the song choice, but it didn’t blend well.
Santana confronts Brody while he is teaching and threatens him with revealing the unadulterated truth. She sings Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted.” This was another extremely well choreographed piece that was quite enjoyable.

Finn and Will have settled on singing “Bye Bye Bye” & ”I Want It That Way” by ‘NSync/Backstreet Boys. Again, the choreography was outstanding – this episode went above and beyond the call of duty. The singing and performances were interspersed with shots of Finn and Will dueling beyond song and coming to physical blows yet making up in the end. We see that Will can’t settle this feud and Finn again displays his new found maturity. The whole scene was edited and performed very nicely.

Rachel and Kurt give Santana an ultimatum that she needs to either move out or leave Brody alone. She grabs her suitcase, pillow, and a comforter (Rachel and Kurt’s) and walks out.

Blaine and Sue duke out their feud through song. Blaine sings “I Still Believe” by Mariah Carey and Sue channels Nicki Minaj (in full Nicki Minaj garb), performing “Super Bass.” LOVED it!! Sue (Jane Lynch) is fearless and wins the feud, getting her way by having Blaine in the Cheerios fold.

Marley helps Finn realize his calling is teaching and encourages him to get a teaching degree to redefine himself.

AHA! Blaine wanted to be put on the Cheerios. It was all a plot (with Sam involved) to work from the inside to bring Sue down. Very cleverly orchestrated boys!
Speaking of set ups, Santana sets up Brody in his side business and involves Finn. Finn threatens Brody and this interaction ends in a brawl. Finn makes the bold declaration, “Stay away from my future wife!”

Jake and Ryder (with the help from the members of the New Directions) finish up the episode, singing “Closer” by Tegan and Sara. Ryder asks his online friend if they can meet and is rejected when her response is to sign off without an answer.

Final/Extra thoughts:

  • “..I need a shiny, sexually not threatening gay to hoist up some of the most gorgeous girls in America over his head, have a bird’s eye view of their baby oven and not even be remotely interested, and that would be you.” ~ Sue
  • Finn and Will have it out and it gets nasty and personal
  • Marley and Jake are so boring! There is no chemistry there!

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Feud
Season 4, Episode 16
Original Air Date: March 15, 2013