Glee ‘Glease’ Television Recap & Review

Glee ‘Glease’ Television Recap & Review

Glee takes on the challenge of the music, characters and magic that comprises the iconic Grease.

We begin with Mr. Schue announcing to the Glee club that he is leaving by the end of the week and won’t return until after sectionals. Sue interrupts and in a scene between Sue and Finn, Finn exudes confidence while being humorously knocked down by Sue and her usual witty retorts. This altercation ends with one of Sue’s classically outrageous hissy fits (she goes so far as to pry glasses from a student’s face and throws them). In her defense – who hasn’t wanted to be able to throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum?

Side note: Love the music that accompanies these!

I have to say, Kate Hudson (as Cassandra July) has surprised me. Before Glee, I would classify myself as being impartial to her – didn’t dislike her but was never really entertained by her work. I have been pleasantly surprised by her performance. She is perfection in this role, and I actually enjoy the character.

Rachel informs Brody that she got an Off-Broadway audition, and Cassandra has a tiff with Rachel where you can tell she wants to squash her like a bug. She proceeds to offer Brody a TA position, and he states he has offered to help Rachel that weekend so can’t start until Monday. The subtlety of her anger rising from that response was very well played.

During a costume fitting for the play, Kitty is her usual antagonistic self. This storyline and character is so boring because it’s been done countless times before. I mean come on – Kitty is sneaking in to take Marley’s costumes in so she feels fat!? Geez, I wish I had that kind of extra time! There is just nothing original about this character. Then she gives a transparent spiel about understanding the others, being lonely and doing this for bonding and invites them to a sleep over. She has been malicious from day one and literally just got done insulting them – and they accept? Way to show how stupid teenage girls can be!

As a solution to Sue booking the auditorium, Finn invites the guys to the tire shop to practice and has a discussion about what encompasses the male roles in Grease (fixing up cars and the manliness associated with it). This leads them to singing ‘Greased Lightnin,’ complete with a transition to them singing in front of souped-up car, T-Bird jackets and gelled up hair. The men’s vocals all meshed together really well on this song.

We go back to NY to Kurt and Rachel where Kurt gets a Grease update from Tina. It’s still sad to think they aren’t at McKinnley, but I am enjoying this division between the two different worlds and think it’s managed very nicely.

Cassandra comes in and with clear ulterior motives, pushes Rachel to go to Ohio that weekend to watch the play. Even goes so far as offering her frequent flier miles (which she can’t use due to an amusing but believable story about a mid-air melt down).

At the sleepover, Kitty tells Marley (while simultaneously insulting) to purge what she eats. Seriously – who would take advice from someone who tears you down all the time? While Marley contemplates this suggestion, Kitty sings ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ that I think failed. Not sure if she was trying to be cutesy or rude but it came across as nasally and childish sounding at times.

Wade/Unique is forced to drop out of the play (and wear men’s clothes at school) due to his parents’ being scared for him because the people of Ohio are not as understanding of his choices.

We experience Kurt and Rachel, walking the halls of McKinnley while reminiscing and get another mini-reunion with Mercedes (who states she is taking classes at UCLA & recording back-up vocals).

Kurt and Blaine/Rachel and Finn have their first encounters post-break up (I love these 4 together). They are civil and polite, but there is tension. Finn is mature and thanks them for coming while Blaine is wanting to breakdown in tears.

Blaine sings ‘Beauty School Dropout’ to Frenchy as played by Sugar Motta (who I find to be a pointless character that is annoying and contributes nothing). I have to admit though, that she does make a great Frenchy in terms of looks (& probably quirkiness). Blaine sounds crooner-ish and suave on this song.

Ryder Lynn goes looking for Marley who foolishly listened to Kitty and is trying to make herself throw up. *This storyline made me want to throw up!!* Ryder was sweet and used humor as a way to deal with the awkwardness. Marley seems like a sweet and pretty girl but worthy of two good looking guys fighting over her – nope, not buying it!

The song ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ is sung by Santana, Cassandra, and Wade. Santana (who has randomly agreed to play Rizzo) has sounded better and Cassandra (in a steamy scene with Brody) rocks it.

‘You’re the One that I Want’ was a fun song where Rachel imagines her and Finn singing which shows how truly amazing that first season cast was. The new ones are good but pale in comparison (with exception of Blaine) to the talent and charisma of the original cast.

Finn’s heartfelt “Thanks for dragging me into this dude” to Artie was so sweet and touching.

Rachel calls Brody only to get Cassandra. She is nasty and leads Rachel to believe she and Brody slept together.

Finn and Rachel have a moment in the hallway where he displays that he is more observant than most would give him credit for when he explains her different types of crying. They decide that they should have no more contact (not even in song).

Blaine attempts to have a discussion with Kurt, saying that he never told Kurt what happened and about the guy he hooked up with. Kurt doesn’t trust Blaine and doesn’t want to hear what he has to say (I am curious what he was going to say!)

Mr. Schue says goodbye to the Glee Club and passes the [metaphorical] torch to Finn. The episode ends with another charming half grin from Finn.

Final (extra) thoughts:

  • “You can eat Kleenex, they taste like clouds.” ~ Britney (we need more Britneyisms!)
  • Mr Schue saying “Lot of great dancers now” – I haven’t seen that this season!
  • When they showed Unique being assaulted in the hallways, it was no worse than what other Glee members have suffered
  • Loved the flashback to when Rachel and Finn did a Grease song. Nice to see a much younger (& much less sophisticated, but still adorable, Rachel & Kurt). Great seeing most of the crew back in action together.
  • Need more variety of who is singing (need to utilize some more of the cast).
  • Finn sincerely apologizes to Sue for his previous remarks about her child but honestly, I am not quite sure the point of this story.
  • Decent songs this episode but none would be a repeater for me.

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Glease
Season 4, Episode 6
Original Air Date: November 15, 2012