Glee ‘I Do’ Episode Review & Recap

Glee ‘I Do’ Episode Review & Recap

Happy Valentines everyone! I love that Glee timed the wedding of Will and Emma to fall on Valentines Day. This wedding has a lot to live up to though because I adore Burt’s wedding.

Finn and Rachel are civilly talking when he admits to kissing Emma and that it is eating him up inside. Rachel, as usual, directs it back to her (and Finn swiftly puts Rachel in her place!). Finn talks to Emma, appearing almost as stressed as the bride-to-be. They know that they can’t tell Will and it is a tortuous secret to keep.

Mr. Schue is back to stay in the Glee Club, and his first assignment for the group is romantic wedding songs. Will even asks Finn to sing a song instead of a best man’s speech to which he agrees.

For Valentine’s Day, Marley gives Jake a pair of handmade cufflinks to wear to the wedding. In typical comedic fashion, Jake says he can’t wait to give her the gift he got her and that she will love it. Surprise (but not at all), he hasn’t actually gotten her anything yet (but has been brainstorming ideas with Puck so you can only imagine how well that is going!).

Jake (with a little help from Marley, Sam & Ryder) professes his love through song by singing ’You’re All I Need to Get By’ (by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) to Marley in her history class. What would have been a cute idea (singing to her in front of the entire class in a red suit) lost some of its magic when it became a duet between Jake and Marley. He did a really good job with this song, but this couple lacks chemistry (when they are singing together or not)

As Santana and Quinn are at the wedding, they completely bored me with their bitch-fest. Speaking of bitches, Artie meets a relative of Emma’s who she was trying to fix him up with. This girl is also in a wheelchair, but she is a real piece of work.
Kurt and Blaine are having a make-out session in the back of a car and are only broken up by Mercedes (who is looking great!).

Sue cracks me up!! She is wearing a duplicate of Emma’s wedding dress and is just being wonderfully Sue by insulting everyone. Emma is facing a complete meltdown while Will is greeting the crowd in the chapel. This leads to one of the most interesting song choices that I wasn’t sold on at the beginning yet it worked out in the end. I really commend Emma for her job on this song – I have no idea how she pulled off that fast singing. The song ends with her getting in a cab, skipping out on the wedding.

Instead of Emma walking down the aisle, we are greeted with Sue who makes an entrance in the only way she can. She reveals to Will that Emma has left (we flash to Finn whose face is coated with guilt). It is decided that the reception will continue since it is already paid for.

While talking to Ryder, Jake discloses that he has gotten a room and is hoping to sleep with Marley (after charming her with all of the gifts that Ryder is responsible for).

Blaine and Kurt sing Depeche’s Mode ‘Just Can’t Get Enough.’ The only bad thing about that performance was it was interrupted by Rachel (yes, she did cheer up/reassure Finn), Tina gives evil eyes to Blaine and Kurt while Artie deals with that horrible girl who says he finds her pretty compelling (have more self-respect man!). Blaine and Kurt’s voices blend so well together, and this song was no exception. Tina’s Blaine crush is getting on my last nerve, but I love this bold Kurt who speaks his mind. Tina deserved everything he said and more.

Sue takes it upon herself to throw the bouquet, and Rachel catches it *surprise surprise.*

Finn singing Bob Seger (‘We’ve Got Tonight’) is a perfect choice, but Rachel honestly didn’t really impress me on this one. Former, current, and future (no I am not counting Santana and Quinn) couples make their way to hotel rooms. Blaine interprets their moment as getting back together, but Kurt doesn’t confirm or deny. Seriously! Quinn and Santana! It was incredibly stupid and rather insulting. The only couple that didn’t copulate was predictably Marley and Jake.

When Rachel returns to New York, Brody has surprised her with a belated Valentine’s Day celebration and calls her out on kissing someone else.

Tina apologizes to Kurt, and I am optimistic that this is the end of her ridiculous crush. Kurt subtly crushes Blaine when he reinforces they are just friends.
Finn gives another moving and motivating speech – this one to Will about getting Emma back.

The mean girl from earlier apologizes to Artie and redeems herself a bit. The Glee Club ends the episode by singing ‘Anything Could Happen’ by Ellie Goulding and during that song Rachel is seen taking a pregnancy test (again – predictable!).

Final (extra) thoughts:
• Amused by Finn’s original song choices: Confessions (by Usher), My Best Friend’s Girl, & Lyin’ Eyes (Eagles)
• As the season goes on I have to say that Rachel is annoying me more and more (she does compliment Finn which is a *rare* unselfish moment from her these days).
• Why was Becky Jackson the flower girl??
• “Did you vapo-rape my ex-boyfriend?!” ~ Kurt
• Not sure if Finn’s whole “she loves me, loves me not” combination with the speech was creepy or sweet.
• Is Brody a male-prostitute?
• Drama alert: Ryder kisses Marley which will spur on one of the lamest television love triangles of all time.
• Artie needs more solos because he hands down has one of the best voices of the group

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: I Do
Season 4, Episode 14
Original Air Date: February 14, 2013