Glee ‘Prom-asaurus’ Review & Recap

Glee ‘Prom-asaurus’ Review & Recap

This week’s episode starts with us catching up with Finn as he studies at The University of Lima (pretty campus!). It amusingly switches between being sentimental and party central. Puck is “going”/crashing there in a fashion only Puck could get away with (“I’m just here for my bro, brews, and the bountiful Bettys…I LOVE College!”)

We have the return of Roz following Sue’s dismissal after last episode (she is the new Cheerio coach). She cracks me up! Coach Beiste is talking to Will about his fractured relationship with Finn and being wise (as always). I can’t say it enough – I love this two!

After the shooting, Marley has been motivated to share her songs and everyone else is acting weird (love Sam and his “twin”). Will reveals that the theme for Regionals is ‘Dreams.’ Will has picked out the songs (all with Dream in the title). Marley is trying to get her 2 cents in but Will is shutting her down and not leaving any room for discussion (partly because they are at Regionals on a technicality and doesn’t want to do anything to screw it up).

Blaine calls a secret meeting for the Glee Club because they believe the playlist Mr. Schue has picked out is going to lose them Regionals. Marley again doesn’t get to get her full say in during this meeting.

While Puck is doing a slip ‘n slide in the hallway, Finn is making grilled cheeses (using an iron) and being charming and your typical college guy (getting stupid college girls to take their bikini tops off). Will picks this time to make an appearance. Will was there to apologize and asked Finn to return to help with Glee Club. Finn turns him down and solidifies his rejection with turning away from Will and taking his own turn down the slip ‘n slide.

Mr. Schue doesn’t take the news well that the Glee Club had gone behind his back and chosen different songs for Regionals. You can tell he is projecting his frustration from his conversation with Finn onto the Glee Club students.

Shelby surprises Rachel at NYADA and gives her advice for her audition. Yay! They perform together (their voices go so well together). They sing “Next to Me” by Emeli Sandé. I thought this was a great choice and they knocked it out of the park (as usual).

To keep up with the party theme of college Finn and Noah sing Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” at a frat party. They did a great job with this song and the whole scene was fun and just a huge party! Their performance was so much of success that they were asked by the frat to skip pledging and join the frat (to which they accept).

Marley, Blaine, Unique, and Sam sing a Marley original song titled “You Have More Friends Than You Know.” The song was written by Mervyn Warren and Tony winner Jeff Marx. The song was written around the “It Gets Better” campaign. It was a good song and very sweet and this group did a great job with it. It was simply performed with them all standing around a piano but it was still very powerful. Mr. Schue hears them sing the song and hears the discussion afterward (about the quality of the song and his previous flat out rejection of original songs).

Rachel calls Finn for his help in deciding on her audition song. Finn continued his wise streak and tells her (among other wise words) “Pick something that takes you back to the roots of your passion.” Even over the phone they are adorable.

The heartbeat accompanying Rachel as she takes the stage was subtle but helped sell the nerves she had to be feeling in that moment. Rachel sings “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. As she is performing the original Glee Club members show up in the background in red shirts (reminiscent of the first time performing the song). They did some of the same moves from that first time and I LOVED, LOVED how they did this! How they didn’t give her the part on the spot I will never know because she blew me away! Rachel really has come a long way from that awkward and clueless sophomore to the person she is now.

Puck gets on Finn case about missing tests and becomes all parental and scolds Finn. I liked this role reversal and tells Finn that he is going to write his screenplay and stay on “Finn’s ass” to make sure he gets his work done. I love these two as well and hope they continue to have more scenes together.

Finn returns to McKinley and makes a deal that if he comes back, it’s not as Will’s gopher but as his equal. They shake and hug in agreement. This gives him his old spirit back and he talks to the Glee Club and makes it up to them. He apologizes for stifling their voices and announces that Finn has come back to be a part of the team. Mr. Schue says that he wants to do an original song by Marley.

Rachel gets a call back for Funny Girl (deservedly so!) and has a celebratory hug with Kurt.

The Glee Club closes out the episode performing an original song titled “Outcast.” I enjoyed this song. Would probably have enjoyed it more had Marley not taken lead but it was still very good. The boys particularly did a vocal performance on this song.

Final/extra thoughts:
“…handsome fruity voodoo powers and put a hex on her…” – Coach Roz

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Lights Out
Season 4, Episode 19
Original Air Date: April 18, 2013