Glee ‘Sadie Hawkins’ Television Recap & Review

Glee ‘Sadie Hawkins’ Television Recap & Review

Glee finally returns! I was so happy to see this come back after the break – missed it!

We begin with Sam telling his new buddy Blaine his hypothesis that the Warblers cheated at sectionals. That flows into a student council meeting where Tina gives a passionate speech about a ‘Sadie Hawkins Dance’ (aka girls ask the guys to the dance), and it is voted in.

We transition to Kurt at his first day at NYADA. He is overwhelmed and knows that he needs to make new friends (kind of what I’ve been thinking for a while – they need to branch out!)

Finn and Beiste are so good together. They are inspirational and consistent and really play well off one another. Finn, as usual, gets some great advice from Beiste and carries that inspiration to the Glee Club. He instructs the girls to see a song to whomever they want to go to the dance with.

Kurt and Rachel have a cute BFFs conversation about Brody staying over. Then Rachel gets too hypocritical for my taste and judges the show choir at NYADA and refers to it as the “lowest of the low” on the NYADA hierarchy. That is exactly how their high school Glee club was viewed, and she is being snobby by doing the same. That just isn’t right and apparently she didn’t learn anything from her time at William McKinley.

Tina starts us off with “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. It was very crisp and cleanly sung, really serving as a vehicle to showcase her talent. The odd thing is that she sang the song to Blaine and asks him to the dance. That came out of the blue (and it was so cute how clueless he was). Blaine though turns her down.

Kurt meets Adam, the head of the “Adam Apples” (show choir). He convinces Kurt to give them a listen, and they sing a really awesome and fun rendition of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Kurt was understandably impressed by that performance.

Brittany and Marley sing “Tell Him” by The Exciters. These two have some of the weaker vocals of the group so this song was predictably less than impressive and nothing terribly special. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t stand out. Marley asks Jake to the dance, and Brittany asks Sam — both guys accept.
Kitty tries to convince Jake to go with her by using her “sexual appeal.”

Tina apologizes to Blaine as Blaine reveals to her that he has a crush on Sam thus doesn’t want to go. They have a sweet bonding moment as she persuades him to come with her as best friends.

Puck and Jake discuss the Kitty situation. Puck is wise, telling him to back off and avoid Kitty. Puck says he will “make her go away.”

Kurt admits to Rachel that he has met someone and is seeing if the guy (Adam) likes him. Adam does have a cute smile. Rachel encourages Kurt to take control of the situation by asking the guy out and that it would be “worth the risk.” That would be a big and bold step for Kurt.

Puck threatens Kitty, and the scene ends with her asking Puck to the dance. He reluctantly agrees to go, and I have to say I felt insulted by the writers for this part.

Artie, Blaine, Sam, Joe & Ryder sings “No Scrubs” at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. The singing and dancing was really top notch with the guys contributing and enhancing the performance.

Marley was a little too heavy on the conversation between her and check “you miss signs…like when someone is about to hurt you,” “I need you to be with me and only me and take things slow…” The discussion was ill-timed as she danced throughout the whole speech (it was extremely annoying!) Her motions contradicted what she was saying and then left the dance floor right afterwards without giving him the chance to respond.

Beiste is the most amazing person in the school. She talks to the girls who aren’t dancing and gets them up and out of their shells. This leads to a montage of some of the girls and Kurt taking control, getting their “yeses” in return.

Marley and Unique sing Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” (along with a few other New Direction females). I love this song (anything by Bruno Mars really) and was disappointed Marley was taking joint lead on this. True to form, it was lackluster.

Kitty and Puck are “hitting it off,” and I’m not buying it for one minute. It was dull, dull, dull. I think it’s time for Kitty to be “put down” because she is a complete waste of space and doesn’t add to the story lines in the least.

Sam and Blaine present their evidence of the Warblers cheating (using steroids) and among that evidence is a former Warbler who admits to what Hunter has had them doing.

Rachel has a hissy fit at Brody who is 45 minutes late for the dinner date (because the train was late). She is so high maintenance and probably doesn’t deserve someone as sweet as him. He was so charming and romantic, being too kind to her. He is even willing to get an apartment by her! She takes it one step further, saying he can move in with her (without discussing it with Kurt – I would be pissed!!)

Ryder sings “I Only Have Eyes for You” by The Flamingos. It was great background music for the scenes that followed.

Final (Extra) Thoughts:
Repeat Songs:
Kind of hate to admit it but “Baby Got Back”
“No Scrubs”
“Little brother from a different colored mother.” ~ Puck
“…he’s not interested in your skanky meow mix” ~ Puck

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Sadie Hawkins
Season 4, Episode 11
Original Air Date: January 24, 2013