Glee Season 3 Premiere Recap

Drama! Intrigue! New love! Old grudges! Who knew that Glee’s Season 3 Premiere would pack such punch!? For those of you who’ve followed the show, the first episode of Season 3 was a must-see event. For everyone else….well, you probably don’t care at all. Let’s have a quick recap, shall we?

* Old love remains, and new romance begins. Rachel and Finn have yet to call it quits, and the lovebirds that are Tina and Mike haven’t strayed. Mercedes has taken to a hunky new football player. Unfortunately, *spoiler alert!* Zizes and Puck are no longer an item.

* The glee club has a new mission. Several purple pianos have been placed around the school in random locations. If one of our favorite happy-go-luck gleeks stubles upon said piano, singing must begin! (Has this ever happened in a real school?) In a shocking turn of events, one of the flamboyant pianos is consumed by flames during an act of sabotage by anti-glee activist Santana.

*Sue, the evil arch-nemesis of everything glee, vows to dissolve the arts programs if she is elected to her congressional district. The glee club retaliates in usual fashion, coordinating a surgical glitter bomb assault.

* An over-the-top rendition of Hairspray’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat” finishes off this wild episode.

Without a doubt, this new season holds promise. Let’s gear up for the continued adventures of Glee!