Glee Season 4 Finale Review & Recap

Glee Season 4 Finale Review & Recap

The season finale starts with two administrators from MIT who are talking to Brittany about admittance and some “math speak” that resulted in one of them claiming “Brittany it’s possible that you may be the most brilliant scientific mind since Albert Einstein.” I find this storyline to be rather insulting, illogical, and dull.

All or Nothing is the theme for the Glee Club as they head to Regionals. Mr. Schue is talking to them about their competition. He gives a speech about struggles and triumphs and throws it back, wishing Rachel good luck on her callback audition for ‘Funny Girl.’

Rachel auditions with “To Love You More” by Celine Dion. Her voice literally gave me chills and they would be fools if they didn’t select her. Vocally and looks-wise, she is perfect for the role of Fanny Brice.

Blaine asks for Sam’s assistance in proposing to Kurt, and Sam is telling him it’s a bad idea (as any true friend should). Brittany comes into the choir room packing attitude while demanding to sing all the solos. She is rude and even breaks up with Sam (via text)! I know this behavior will be explained later so I didn’t let it frustrate me (too much!). This attitude leads her to quitting the Cheerios and burning her uniform in a trash can in Coach Ross’ office.

Ryder says that he won’t perform at Regionals until his “catfisher” reveals themselves. He is angry and insists everyone takes out their phones if no one is going to admit to it. Marley stands up and claims responsibility for being the “catfisher.” Ryder storms out in a rage, but the set up of the scene leads you to the impression of who the real person “catfishing” is (won’t spoil it!)

Blaine and Tina are picking out engagement rings for his upcoming proposal, and the elderly lady at the store is completely understanding. She tells Blaine about her partner that she met at 18 and proclaims that “it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, true love is true love.”

Mr. Schue and Sue want to have a talk with Brittany, and they compromise, doing it “Fondue for Two”-style. Brittany has figured out the identity of Sue’s baby’s celebrity father (Michael Bolton). The story that ensued about their meeting was hilarious! This snippet didn’t give us any insight into Brittany’s recent attitude change.

The ring store lady (Jan) has taken Blaine under her wing. They set up a double date between her and her partner with Blaine and Kurt. They are a sweet and adorable couple and Jan even proposes to her long-time girlfriend at BreadStix. I hope this encounter was good for Blaine and Kurt.

Marley is trying to convince Ryder to not give up on the Glee Club and bail on Regionals. He is angry with her about lying to him, and Unique reveals that he is the catfisher. We flashback to him confessing to Marley about It, and then he confesses to Ryder. Ryder shoots him down and says he isn’t going to talk to Unique any longer while walking off.

Ryder “rides to the rescue,” returning to Glee Club but lets them all know that after Regionals, he is done and taking his exit from the club.

The main competition for the New Directions is ‘Hoosierdaddies’ who are lead by Frida Romero, played by American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez. I did not know who she was, much less aware of her singing ability, but I was very impressed. They first performed “Clarity” by Zedd feat. Foxes. The second song, “Wings” by Little Mix, was more of a group effort. It was a fun song. That group had real talent and put on a good show.

Brittany tells the club that she got early admission to MIT, and that they want her to leave immediately (hence the meltdown). Behind tears and sniffling, she tells them the power and encouragement the club aka “her family” provided for her, and how they made her believe in herself. This was very solid acting. You got the sense that it was real and she was sincere in her pain of leaving this group. I will come clean, I got a little misty eyed during this scene.

The first song they perform is The Script feat.’s “Hall of Fame.” If the vocals aren’t the strongest, they definitely put on a good show (Mike Chang did a great job with the choreography). The second song they do is “I Love It” by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX. The only stand out vocals in the first two songs was Artie on “Hall of Fame.” He didn’t even have much solo work but it what he did sing, was phenomenal (as expected). It really makes you wonder again why he isn’t given more solos!

The final song was an original composition titled “All or Nothing” lead by Marley and Blaine. She didn’t do too bad of a job, but the song needed more Blaine and the lyrics were lackluster. This song was weaker than previous original songs this show has done. It might be due the fact that the vocals were not as strong, the words themselves, there is less of a connection with Marley than with Rachel. Not sure what to pinpoint it as but unlike the previous season’s original, this one did not have me even remotely running to my iTunes account to download it. Not sure what about this song got Santana and Kurt crying (maybe they realized how inadequate this group is compared to when they were in the New Directions).

The New Directions win!!

Will and Emma throw a surprise wedding in the choir room. I am so happy to see these two finally getting married. They are cute together and her speech was so romantic and sweet. The love between these two characters was bursting off the screen, and “Wemma” is official. I am beyond ecstatic. Blaine proposing – cliffhanger! Rachel getting the part – cliffhanger! I am eager for next season!

Final/Extra thoughts:

  • I loved the lady from the ring store
  • “He wants to do me, but we are just friends” ~ Sam (about Blaine) to the ring lady.
  • “This fondue smells disgusting. It’s like someone poured Chardonnay on a homeless woman who had been dead several days.” ~ Sue (extremely descriptive as only Sue can do)
  • Fashion moment: Loved Santana’s dress she wore to Regionals.

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: All Or Nothing
Season 4, Episode 22
Original Air Date: May 9, 2013