Glee ‘Swan Song’ Television Recap & Review

Glee ‘Swan Song’ Television Recap & Review

The episode begins almost immediately after Marley’s collapse in the last episode. In a twist, The Warbler’s are declared winners of Sectionals due to the New Directions violation of a show choir by-law by leaving the stage mid-competition.

This revelation motivates Kurt for his NYADA audition. They discuss the honor of being selected for NYADA’s Winter Showcase and Rachel subsequently receives a hand delivered invitation by Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg) to perform (apparently a huge deal).

Sue has taken over the choir room for her Cheerios, and she locks horns with Finn over the situation. Finn and Mr. Schue discover there is nowhere in the school for the Glee Club to practice, much less perform. Finn’s spirit is broken, and Sue is not as thrilled by crushing their dreams. The following glee club “What I will become” sequence was amusing.

Finn tries to motivate the group in the wake of their devastating loss at sectionals, but they are still discouraged.

Britney comes across a line of Cheerios and follows (read eats them) to find Sam waiting for her with a glass of milk. He admits he is into her while she admits she likes his impression and he is “pretty awesome.” They perform Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid.” It was a cute song, and I was surprised how well their voices blended in the melody. She turns him down due to support she has supposedly received from the lesbian community over her relationship with Santana. I have word for that excuse: LAME. I don’t know what the writers were going for with that commentary, but I think it was a big fail.

Cassandra (Kate Hudson) and Rachel battle it out in response to Rachel’s comment “I’ve kept up with you.” They perform “All That Jazz” from Chicago. I love this song in general, and their rendition did not disappoint. I continue to be pleasantly amazed by Kate Hudson’s singing and dancing abilities.

During a discussion with Madam Tibideaux, Kurt discovers she believes he has talent yet presents more surface than soul. You get the impression that this revelation motivates Kurt for his NYADA audition (I hope so!)

In order to compete in their senior year, the Glee members have joined other clubs or teams (Blaine & Tina joined the Cheerios, Artie in the band, Jake & Ryder take up basketball, Unique is on floor hockey, & Joe – who I always forget about- signs on for an inter-faith Paintball team). The challenging question is when are they going to break the news to Finn. Finn is understandably upset, and his attempt to inspire the Glee club leaves him in the dark.

Britney is moved by Finn and wants to take a chance on Sam because “…you’re the only person who makes me smile. You make me happy, Sam.” They share a kiss while laughing in the hallways. This pairing came out of the blue, but I believe it can work.

In the Winter Showcase, Rachel takes on her idol, singing Barbra Streisand’s “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough.” As usual, she gave me chills performing this song, and the subsequent standing ovation was well deserved. She followed it up with an encore of “O Holy Night.” Her voice was so pure, clean and powerful. It was a very stirring performance (“superb” sums it up perfectly). The scene splits between Rachel getting her moment in the sun and Finn cleaning out the choir room. Madam Tibideaux offers Kurt an opportunity to perform after a brief break, followed by a minor meltdown at the prospect of this. Rachel steps up as a good friend, encouraging and calming Kurt through telling him her favorite performance that he has done which was “I Want to Hold Your Hand” from season 2. I agree 100%. I love his version with the honesty and depth behind this simple but commanding performance.

Kurt decides on “Being Alive” from Company, and he absolutely nailed it. With complete honesty (which if you have read my recap/reviews before, you know isn’t an issue for me), I thought it was a boring song, but his vocals were crisp and he was in his element.

Rachel won the Winter Showcase. In the spirit of the night, she cheers up Finn by talking about her perspective on Glee. From this talk, Finn shows up at the auditorium as Marley relays that she’s found a place for the Glee club to practice.

Glee has a shout out to The Breakfast Club (yay!) when Finn sends an email to the Glee Club. They don’t let Finn down as all members show up. Finn and the New Directions sing Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” in the snow (giving it a beautiful backdrop). Plus Kurt got accepted into NYADA!!!

Final (extra) thoughts:

  • Finally got to hear the piano player talk & it was hilarious: “…I cannot tell you how much I hate those kids. Do you know how demeaning it is when they just turn to you and yell hit it and you’re just supposed to know what song they’re going to sing? I’m free…I’m free.”
  • Good Britney-isms in this episode
  • Loved Rachel’s top uni-tard thing she was wearing in the dance studio – super cute!
  • “No, The Walking Dead isn’t based on a true story, I already checked.” ~ Sam

    Author: Karen Walsh

    Glee: Swan Song
    Season 4, Episode 9
    Original Air Date: December 6, 2012