Glee ‘Thanksgiving’ Television Recap & Review

Glee ‘Thanksgiving’ Television Recap & Review

Glee’s mash-ups are always very distinctive and catchy, and the beginning of this episode was no exception. Original cast members Quinn, Puck, Santana, Mike, Mercedes, and Finn sing a low-key and sentimental mash-up version of “Homeward Bound/Home” by Simon & Garfunkel/Phillip Phillips. They are all home for the holidays and have a group hug that felt authentic.

We cut over to Marley who is thinking about a dream she had when she was a kid about singing in front of an auditorium and relates that to the upcoming Sectionals. During this whole internal speech, I voiced to myself “Who died and made her the leader of Glee club?” because she was rambling about “I can feel how much they are depending on me…I can’t let them down.” Did I miss the memo that she was the new leader? The part about “Skeet Ulrich gave me bouquet of kittens at the end” was amusing however.

The Original Glee Club graduates (OGCg) are eating at BreadStix and talking about their lives, Glee 2.0 members and again, the whole scene just feels so real, like they are good friends in real life.

Finn pairs OCGg with newest members as mentors, announcing they will do “Gangnam Style” for Sectionals, which I will admit, I perked up at (*don’t throw stones*).

Jake tells Ryder that last Friday he hung out with Marley. He respectively (and maturely) tells Ryder he will end it if it will hurt their relationship. Jake and Ryder are charming together; they make much better friends than enemies.

Rachel and Kurt are walking in New York (love the city as the backdrop – great usage of the city streets) In an off-handed comment, we learn that Kurt put in an application for NYADA (yay!). They talk about what they are missing and give each other pep talks.

The new girls in Glee Club are getting advice from the “Unholy Trinity” (Santana, Britney, & Quinn). The trio sings The Supremes “Come See About Me.” It was a cute number and gave me season 1 flashbacks.

In an odd stalker-ish moment, Kitty shows Quinn a “WWQFD” poster she has in her locker. Some may have thought she was sweet, but I found it disturbing and thought she was very transparent. Off of that conversation, Quinn interferes with Jake and Marley’s relationship by telling Jake to back off. I know what she was trying to do, but she still needed to butt out.

Sarah Jessica Parker is such a joy in her role as Isabelle. Kurt and Isabelle have immense chemistry, and you get the impression they could be friend soul-mates. She is wise and genuine, giving him relationship advice that you can tell he takes to heart.

Santana, being an Uber-bitch in high school, recognizes the “pure evil” in Kitty. She had found laxatives in Marley’s bag that she knows Kitty gave to Marley. They have a conversation where Quinn reveals she is dating a 35 year old (still married) professor. Oh Quinn, when will you learn? They trade quips and the moment ends with a soap opera slap.

There is a lot of pressure on Finn to win Sectionals because he is solely leading the Glee Club, and they haven’t lost Sectionals under Mr. Schue’s tutelage for the last three years. He gives a good speech and brings them all together, trying to inspire them.

For Sectionals this year, there were some interesting choices (that really worked!). First came when the Warblers sang Flo Rida’s “Whistle.” I just love it when the Warblers perform because between the singing and dancing it is always a fun, energetic and amazing performance. They next performed One Direction “Live While We’re Young.” They should make any of their competitors nervous.

What began with a quiet and subdued Thanksgiving turns into a full on party when Isabelle invites several people over to Kurt and Rachel’s. They sing “Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time” Scissor Sisters/Promises, Promises. I admit, I was apprehensive about this song, but it was done really well in a fun way. The whole scene was edited very nicely, having you get a feel for the whole surroundings and the fun everyone was having. Brody represented me in this scene. Sitting and taking it all in, finding it highly amusing, and trying to join in at the end.

The second school to perform (an Amish school?) was entertaining and a nice break. Kurt calls Blaine and states that he is not able to forgive Blaine just yet but that he misses him. Blaine and Kurt’s chemistry comes through even when they are miles away and not face-to-face. Kurt promises he will see Blaine at Christmas, and they wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving and trade “I Love Yous.” It took a lot for Kurt to get to this point, and I was so proud of him. Isabelle was able to give him the hug I so wanted to do at that moment.

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for –- Glee “Gangnam Style.” Tina took the lead on this song on vocals with Jake taking leading the dance with Britney. It was very well done and quite enjoyable.

The episode predictably ends with Marley passing out at the end of the song. If you didn’t see that one coming, then I hate to break it to you, but you are kind of clueless.

Final (extra) thoughts:

  • Jake trained in Ballet – prime example of “don’t judge a book by its cover “
  • “Only way we’ll win sectionals is if Marley is at her best” & “I feel like if we don’t win, it’s going to be all my fault — Seriously!? What did I miss??
  • Santana criticized Finn’s “annoying half smirk” which I adore!
  • “Don’t be that crazy girl who expects people to read her mind” pretty much sums up Rachel for the last 4 years.

Repeat songs:
Homeward Bound/Home and possibly Whistle

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Thanksgiving
Season 4, Episode 8
Original Air Date: November 29, 2012