“Glee” to Sing its Way to Broadway

In a report recently released by The New York Times, the Fox hit TV show “Glee” which is about a bunch of high school

outcasts (and jocks and hotties who eventually became outcasts as well) battling ridicule and detraction through heartfelt

pop covers and joyous performances (they even did a flash mob episode), is slated for its Broadway debut with its creator

Ryan Murphy, leading the way to the Great White Way.

But no one from both Murphy’s camp and the network’s side would confirm nor deny the Times report.

Amidst the speculation, Murphy is sure to have a busy next couple of seasons, and a richer next four years, thanks to the

success of his breakout TV hit “Glee”.

The former “Nip/Tuck” creator is busy filming scenes for the second season of the TV dramedy/musical. In addition, he is

also busy promoting “Eat Pray Love” along with his movie muse Julia Roberts. The movie is an adaptation based on the memoir

written by Elizabeth Gilbert of the same title. And if Sony Pictures is to be quoted correctly, it seems as if they

seriously like Murphy to direct the most anticipated musical to hit the silver screens (hopefully soon) – “Wicked”.

As for the rumored “Glee” Broadway debut, it is speculated that the rumors may not be far-fetched at all since it is

included – as an option – in Murphy’s recently closed four-year deal with 20th Century Fox.

As per Murphy and Fox’s deal, the creator may earn as much as $10 million a year through the series’ successes from touring,

merchandises, and revenues from original soundtrack records to be released during the series’ and Murphy’s four year contract

with the network. He also has the option to stage the hit TV show on Broadway if he desires to do so.

“Glee” features the talents of Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch as the show’s main antagonist, Cory Monteith and a

lot more. The show leads this year’s Emmy race with 19 nominations including one for Best Comedy Series. The show also has

several acclaims to its name including a Peabody Award, Best TV Series honors from the Golden Globes, SAG honors for

Outstanding Comedy Ensemble and Favorite New TV Comedy from the People’s Choice Awards.

“Glee” returns on Fox’s primetime block with new episodes beginning September 21.