Glee ‘Wonder-ful’ Review & Recap

Glee ‘Wonder-ful’ Review & Recap

Tribute to Stevie Wonder – overdue in my opinion! Huge shoes to fill, but I was keyed up for the prospects (if a bit nervous).

The episode starts off with Rachel calling Mr. Schue about her ‘Funny Girl’ call back as we learn it’s between her and two other girls. I thought it was classy that she called him first and very sweet. He was encouraging and excited for her. This conversation leads him to his lesson ‘Wonderful.’

Kitty is talking to Artie about his being depressed (the reason for his blues was wanting her, dumb I know). We learn that he has been accepted into ‘The Brooklyn Film Academy,’ but he isn’t going (he says because his mom is nervous and scared for him). This understandably confuses and inexplicably pleases Kitty at the same time.

Kurt is counting down until his dad gets his test results and has decided to go to Lima to be there for him. Kurt comments on seeing Blaine and then we cut to Mercedes and Mike, they are all at McKinley. Kitty introduces us to the Mr. Schue’s lesson to with ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.’ I was upset that one of my favorite songs was ruined because this performance was borderline atrocious. She was flat, screechy at times and I did not enjoy it. After her performance, Kitty tells the Glee Club about Artie’s acceptance. I can’t believe that Kitty had the nerve to criticize Mercedes.

Mike, Mercedes, Blaine and Kurt are getting coffee, and it’s obvious that Blaine isn’t in the same place as Kurt in terms of their relationship.

Mercedes may not be a great vocal coach because one of the first things she says is Marley has a great voice and can pull off Mercedes-like runs – hardly!! Mercedes, Blaine and Marley sing ‘Superstition.’ It made me realize how much I miss Mercedes, and how much this season’s females are by far weaker then the boys. It was evident when both Mercedes and Blaine killed their parts of the songs.

Kurt, Burt & Carole are at the doctor’s office where we learn that the tumor has disappeared, and Burt is in remission. I was almost as ecstatic as the characters because I LOVE Burt. The family unity and love between these three really flowed from the screen. Burt comes to the school where Kurt takes his turn to add to the lesson and sings to his dad. He performs ‘You Are the Sunshine of My Life’ and does a beautiful job. His voice is so strong and crisp, again reinforcing the strength of the male cast members.

Cassandra July reveals to Rachel that she is going to be at Rachel’s call back audition to watch her fail. I love Kate Hudson as this character, and I honestly missed her a bit.

Jake performs ‘I Wish’ and shows off his dancing skills with help from Mike. Jake is a very good dancer – no Mike Chang but very good. This was one of his stronger songs, but what I really don’t get is why Marley had to involve herself in the song at one point.

Mercedes is upset because her producer turned out to be a sleazeball (because she didn’t show enough skin for her album cover). I thought this was a good story line for younger girls to pay attention to. Later, Mercedes tells the Glee Club that she had a decision that led to her no longer having a record deal. Instead she is doing this on her own terms and not compromising her principals. To celebrate her new found revelation she sings ‘Higher Ground’ and belts it out the way she can. The character (and actress) so deserves a record contract because her voice I incredible.

We finally meet Artie’s wonderful mother (the amazing Katey Sagal). Kitty is at Artie’s house and tells his mom about his acceptance. Artie and his mom have a conversation where he reveals that he used her as his scapegoat because he doesn’t want to leave her alone. These two only had a small scene together, but it left me wanting more!

Cassandra surprises me with a celebration of Rachel’s Broadway potential. She performs ‘Uptight (Everything’s Alright)’ and does it real justice. She is a fabulous dancer, her singing is very good and the whole performance was fun and energetic.

Blaine asks Burt for his blessing in his plans to ask Kurt to marry him. He gives a speech about their being soul mates and that he feels he needs to do something bold to get him back. Burt ultimately turns him down and does so because they are too young. He is an ideal father and always knows exactly the right thing to say but does so in simple ways. Remind me again – why do we not see more of Burt?

Rachel thanks Cassandra for pushing her, and they have an open and honest discussion that solidified the talent of these two actresses. You didn’t feel like this ‘making up’ was an easy out, but it was a real progression in their relationship. It revealed their strengths and genuine opinions of the other.
Blaine chickens out and instead of asking Kurt to marry him asks him to stay around for Regionals.

The episode closes with a bright (oranges and yellows) performance of ‘For Once in My Life’ by Artie with the New Directions as his backup. Artie is outstanding, singing Stevie Wonder with passion and makes it the performance of the night. If this boy does not have a solo in Regionals, I will be thoroughly disgusted with the Glee Club. If they truly want to win, he greatly increases their chances. Not to mention, he deserves it!

Final/Extra thoughts:

  • Will & Emma are engaged again & going to get married after Regionals.
  • Mercedes as vocal coach & Mike as choreography = awesome!
  • “And if you ever imply again that I am an old hag, I’m going to tip you over” ~ Artie’s mom said to Artie.
  • Kitty means well she just needs a better way to go about getting things done.

Author: Karen Walsh

Glee: Wonder-ful
Season 4, Episode 21
Original Air Date: May 2, 2013