‘Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway’ Showing October Through December

‘Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway’ Showing October Through December

Although we’ve mentioned in several previous posts that celebrities add a potent “star power” to Broadway productions, we have yet to mention the possibilities when one celebrity takes it upon himself to entertain sold-out crowds of die-hard Broadway theater junkies … alone. Hugh Jackman’s “Back to Broadway” aims to do just that.

For the sake of accuracy, “Back to Broadway” isn’t a one-man show: Jackman will be singing a number of his favorite Broadway tunes with the accompaniment of an 18-piece orchestra. And in defense of Jackman, “Back” won’t be his first time running the gauntlet that is Broadway. Jackman has performed in productions of “Carousel,” “A Steady Rain” and “The Boy From Oz.” His efforts in “Oz” earned him a 2004 Tony Award for “Best Leading Actor in a Musical.”

“Back to Broadway” commences preview showings on October 25th at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York. The show will officially open on November 10th and is slated to run until January 1st, 2012.

For those who have only taken time to acquaint themselves with “Action Jackman,” they may be in for shock. Jackman’s poise, finesse and technique in the demanding world that is musical theatre deserves continued recognition on an international level. Packing out venues won’t be a problem at all for the muscle bound actor. Leading the uninitiated into his world of song and dance may prove to a challenge, however.