Jerry O’Connell Debuts on Broadway in ‘Seminar’

Jerry O’Connell Debuts on Broadway in ‘Seminar’

You may have seen him in “Stand By Me.” Perhaps you recognize his face from “Jerry Maguire,” or “Scream 2? (that last one is a stretch.) Never before, though, have you seen Jerry O’Connell on Broadway. Not until now, that is. It has recently been announced that O’Connell will make his Broadway debut in “Seminar,” Pulitzer Prize finalist Theresa Rebeck’s latest work.

O’Connell will join an acclaimed cast, working alongside the likes of Golden Globe winner Alan Rickman, Drama Desk Award nominee Lily Rabe, whose recent work includes roles in “The Merchant of Venice” and “Steel Magnolias,” as well as Obie Award winner Hamish Linklater. Sam Gold, also an Obie Award winner, has been chosen to direct the play.

O’Connell will assume the role of a young writer who, along with three other ambitious pupils, has enrolled in private instruction with “Leonard,” (Alan Rickman) a wildly popular literary figure whose teaching methods entangle the students in a web of deceit, sex and moral corruption. Although it sounds a bit vicious, Rebeck’s play is overwhelmingly comedic, albeit in a rather dark fashion.

Previews of the production will begin on October 27th at The Golden Theatre, and opening night is currently slated for Sunday, November 20th. Although O’Connell may be new on Broadway, he shouldn’t feel too nervous: the celebrated cast working with him should know a thing or two about putting on a great show. If all goes well, this could be the beginning of something great for Mr. O’Connell.