Jersey Boys Closes Out its Run in Toronto

Jersey Boys Closes Out its Run in Toronto

The “Jersey Boys” Toronto production, after being on stage for two years, playing in front of one million theatergoers and winning the Dora Mavor Moore Award three times, is saying goodbye on their second anniversary in the Canadian city on August 22, 2010.

“Jersey Boys” stars Jeff Madden playing Frankie Valli, Michael Lomenda playing Nick Massi, Quinn VanAntwerp playing Bob Gaudio and Robert Sullivan playing Tommy DeVito. Also included in the company are Shawn Wright, Cleopatra Williams, Grant Tilly, Alison Smyth, Timothy Sell, W. Joseph Matheson, Adrian Marchuk, Aaron MacKenzie, Victoria Lamond, Bryan Hindle, Steven M. Goldsmith, Elodie Gillett, Jade Elliott, Matt Cassidy, Matthew G. Brown and Gabriel Antonacci.

To see “Jersey Boys” before it leaves, go to The Toronto company of “Jersey Boys” below, in their individual words, says goodbye to Toronto.

“Jersey Boys” running in Toronto for two years is extra special for me. It’s one of my all time favorite cities. Thank you to our spectacular Canadian cast and Aubrey Dan. I love you Canada.”

– Composer Bob Gaudio

“The way Toronto has responded to “Jersey Boys” has thrilled me. Back when I was just a young artist in the theater, this type of show response was almost unimaginable. Participating in such a big hit provides me with a lot of pride. A chapter in Toronto theatre history has definitely been written by “Jersey Boys.” As a native of Toronto, I’m very proud to have been part of this.”

– Director Des McAnuff

“Playing the role of Jersey Boys’ Frankie Valli six times a week was by far the most physically demanding and technically challenging work I have ever done in my career so far. However the work I did in this show was by far the most rewarding in my life. After every single show, watching the audience jump up and give a standing ovation to us, hearing their stories, seeing so many of them come back to watch the show over and over again has filled me with such strength, purpose, and joy. We made a difference. Toronto may never had a show quite like this. I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance to been part of this magical experience.”

– Jeff Madden (playing Frankie Valli)

“When we arrived in North York two years ago, I thought Toronto Centre was really great. “Jersey Boys” played great here. I was very proud for Sergio and Des to bring the hit show to their hometown. A million customers and two years later, I’m now thinking of Toronto’s people, the fans who really made this run so historic, as well as the amazing crew, musicians and actors. Some have been in this from the first day, some during the run discovered love, one after fighting for her life passed away. They thrilled the fans, week after week, night after night for the four seasons, during the record breaking run. Quoting Frankie “ family is everything.” The family in Toronto means everything to me. I am so proud and grateful honoring them.”

– Co-author Rick Elice

“Our life’s work as actors in live theatre can at times feel unquantifiable and intangible. However certain shows, I have found, have the ability of changing you and affect you long after they’ve closed. The overwhelming loyalty and sense of family resonating so vibrantly from the words and music from this show will be something I happily carry with me. I am so lucky to have shared the stage, every night, off and on, with this family. To be able jump on the electrifying train of “Jersey Boys” and share The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli experience with the receptive audience of Toronto has been an incredible gift. I am very grateful.”

– Michael Lomenda (playing Nick Massi)

“Being part of Dancap Productions and “Jersey Boys” has definitely been one of my career’s most rewarding experiences so far. It has been so enjoyable to work as a team together and sharing the brilliant “Jersey Boys” production. I want to thank Dancap for being a great hands-on company as well as having the chance to get to know all of the company members. Portraying real people from Jersey has been an incredible journey. I will hold this experience dear always.”

– Alison Smyth (playing Francine)

Pulling off a long running production isn’t easy. People use lots of cliches to explain this kind of experience: love affair, family, going into battle. They can be somewhat over used at times. However when it comes to “Jersey Boys,” one company member discovered she was pregnant shortly after we started. The next year we lost someone to cancer. Now weeks before closing a member is planning to get married and another is celebrating the birth of his first baby. We have truly become a family. We are mildly dysfunctional, fiercely loyal, and have a few screws loose. Long running shows aren’t easy, however it will be very hard to say goodbye.”

– Joe Matheson (playing Knuckles)

“For me, “Jersey Boys” closing is bittersweet. I am so proud of the homegrown production as well as all that we have been able to accomplish together. I want to especially thank the Toronto citizens as well as those from the surrounding areas for making this show a record breaker and success.”

– Dancap Productions President, Aubrey Dan

“Jersey Boys” is directed by Des McAnuff, winner of two Tony Awards, and written by Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman, Academy Award winner. Music is from Bob Gaudio and lyrics from Bob Crewe. Sergio Trujillo is the choreographer. The “Jersey Boys” Canadian production is produced by Rick Steiner, Latitude Link, Pelican Group, Kevin and Tamara Kinsella Joseph J. Grano, Dodger Theatricals and Dancap Productions Inc.

Dancap Productions Inc. was launched in 2007 by Aubrey Dan. The commercial theatre company is dedicated to presenting and producing the best Broadway style theater by collaborating with Toronto, Canada based acclaimed creative teams and artists. Current investment and producing Broadway show credits include: “Jersey Boys,” “In The Heights,” “Come Fly Away,” “A Little Night Music,” “West Side Story,” “Memphis” (2010 Best Musical Tony Award winner) and “The Addams Family.” Past international and Broadway credits include: “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Rock n Roll” by Tom Stoppard, “Wicked” and First National Tour, Melbourne, West End, Las Vegas and long running Toronto show of the “Jersey Boys.”