Jersey Boys to Release a Christmas Album

Jersey Boys to Release a Christmas Album

Face it – you’ve heard enough Mannheim Steamroller. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Thankfully, those who enjoy complementing their holiday season with beloved Christmas tunes can revel in the knowledge that the cast of Broadway’s Jersey Boys is releasing a seasonal album today, October 4th. Honestly, this is exciting news on multiple accounts:

1.) Jersey Boys is excellent. The musical numbers in the Broadway production are absolutely first-rate.

2.) This type of brilliant marketing is a bold, huge leap in the right direction for more “conventional” arts such as theater and concert music. Rarely do we see a staged production such as the “Jersey Boys” advertise itself and its commercial products in a “sure we’re a theater organization, but this music will appeal to everyone,” sort of way. This new album could be a huge wake-up call for millions of theatre skeptics around the world.

As will all music these days, the album will be available for download through electronic media such as iTunes. This assumes that you desire a cold, impersonal, non-tangible copy, of course. If you want to hold a piece of warm, loving, Jersey Boys memorabilia, however (face it – you do), physical CDs can also be purchased at a variety of major retailers.

Season’s Greetings!