Julie Taymor Sic the Lawyers on ‘Spiderman’ Producers

The producers of “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” are being sued by director Julie Taymor. According to the New York Times she

is seeking “at least $1 million from the producers, as well as future royalty payments.” Taymor claims the producers “were

profiting from her creative contributions without compensating her. “

Julie Taymor was fired as director of “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark” in March. Taymor was surprised and shocked by the

firing. She has been upset feeling the producers have been using her creative input on the stage and script without giving

her compensation.

Julie Taymor is best known for being the director of the “Lion King.” Taymor is the first woman to win a Tony for directing a

musical (“Lion King”). She also won a Tony Award for costume design for that production. She has had a successful career

directing films, operas and plays. Highlights include directing the Tony Award Nominated “Juan Darien: A Carnival Mass,” the

opera “The Magic Flute,” the film “Across the Universe,” and the opera “Grendel” to name a few.

Taymor had tried to work out her grievances with the “Spider-Man” team through arbitration. However, the process appeared it

would have been very extensive and there were scheduling issues on both sides of the table. The lawsuit ends the arbitration

case and now the two sides will be forced to settle their differences in court.