Kristin Chenoweth’s U.K. Concert Tour Cancelled

Kristin Chenoweth’s U.K. Concert Tour Cancelled

Kristin Chenoweth’s UK tour was canceled on Friday, just three days before it was set to start today, March 11.

The tour’s promoter, Spekulation Entertainment, released a press announcing the news.

“We regret to announce that we are unable to present our planned U.K. tour with Tony and Emmy Award winning star Kristin Chenoweth and that the tour has therefore been cancelled,” said the statement. “We are deeply sorry to disappoint Kristin’s many U.K. fans, who so readily bought tickets to see her in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff. We wish to make it clear that the decision to cancel the tour is a result of Spekulation Entertainment’s unforeseen circumstances, and that Kristin is saddened not to be able to perform here as planned. She was looking forward to performing to her sold-out audiences.”

Later, Chenoweth tweeted that, “Trust me nobody is more heartbroken than I. Devastated.”

After fans asked her on Twitter why the tour was canceled, she responded, “No tickets, no work permits, and nothing done. Thats [sic] why.” She later continued, “Cant [sic] believe im [sic] not going to be at a sold out show in London. What a blow.”

Chenoweth was scheduled to play four shows in the U.K., including a sold out show in London. However, the Guardian reports that at the time of the cancellation, the other three shows were offering tickets online with a 55 percent discount. The other shows were in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff. says that a “source for Kristin Chenoweth” said the decision to cancel the shows was due to a “lack of funding from Spekulation Entertainment.”

Following the cancellation, Chenoweth only has two other shows scheduled, both at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The previously announced concerts will take place August 23-24.

The Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress was set to perform songs from the musicals she has appeared in, as well as other songs from the theater and opera. She also planned to perform songs from her own solo CD, Some Lessons Learned.