London Calling Matthew Morrison at Conclusion of ‘Glee’

London Calling Matthew Morrison at Conclusion of ‘Glee’

Faced with the upcoming ending of the popular musical television series Glee at the close of its sixth season, actor Matthew Morrison (Choirmaster Schuester) has announced that his future plans are likely to center around the stage. He has even expressed a keen interest in heading to London’s West End.

Morrison shared in a statement, “I want to take a break from television. It’s a gruelling schedule and my heart has always been on stage. I realise that even more so now. Because of this long show, I haven’t been able to get back on stage.” He added regarding work on West End, “I would probably do a serious, dramatic turn in a play. I’ve been talking to some people over there about doing a Tennessee Williams play so here’s hoping.”

Though eager to get back to the stage where he originally started (on Broadway), Morrison has admitted that he has mixed feelings regarding the show’s end. He shared, “I have mixed feelings. I think it’s bittersweet but it’s been an absolutely incredible ride and I’m going to miss my close friends, who have become my family.” He goes on to say, “But at the same time, I’m so looking forward to being challenged with something else. I have been playing Mr Schuester for what will be six years by then, so I’m looking forward to a new acting challenge. Something different, fresh and original.”

Morrison, who has just released a holiday EP entitled A Classic Christmas, went on to share regarding Glee, “These people will always be in my life. We had an original Glee cast reunion with the people who were there from the very beginning, including the old-school Glee people that aren’t there any more. I think it’s something that we will do quite often when the show is over.”

Whatever the 35-year-old chooses to do with his post-Glee life, he is sure to have a huge fan base in his corner rooting him on.