Mamma Mia! New York | Winter Garden Theatre

Mamma Mia! New York | Winter Garden Theatre

It has been close to a decade since Broadway’s most light-hearted musical, “Mamma Mia!”, has graced the famous New York strip by way of the Winter Garden Theatre with its feel-good nature and theme, bubbly and touching characters, and nostalgic tunes from iconic ‘70s pop group, ABBA.

Whether or not you are an ABBA fan, “Mamma Mia!” can tickle a sweet spot in your heart with its touching and slightly hilarious mother-daughter story. Set in the luscious and sunny Santorini Island in Greece, one daughter’s quest to learn about her father’s real identity days before her wedding turns as a ‘blast-from-the-past’ episode for her mother, as all three men from her past suddenly show up in a surprising and overwhelming fashion.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, this Broadway hit has been well received by audiences not only in New York, but also in London and more than 40 other cities worldwide.

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