McCartney, MacLaughlin Join Phantom of the Opera Cast on Broadway

“The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway is welcoming the return of Liz McCartney to playing Carlotta starting on December 6.

It will be the same evening that Sean MacLaughlin, “Raoul” on the recent tour, will join the company.

Really Useful Group Inc and Cameron Mackintosh produce Broadway’s longest ever running show. Harold Prince is the director.

The musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber currently is playing its 23 year in Majestic Theatre in New York City.

The first time McCartney played the opera diva role was more than two years ago. From June 1999 through April 2001, she

played the role for more than 600 performances and almost two years. She joined initially in March 1999 with the Broadway

company as one of the ensemble members before taking over the Carlotta role in June.

Sean McLaughlin, who will be the new Raoul on Broadway, during the final cast for the long running Phantom national tour

played the Phantom’s rival and romantic figure. Recently the national tour wrapped up its record-breaking run of 18 years in

Los Angeles. In February 2009 McLaughlin took over the Raoul role and played it for one and a half years until the final

performance of the tour on October 31.

The two actors will be joining the show a week following the 9,500th performance of the New York production which will take

place on November 29. On October 23 the original production in London celebrated their 10,000th performance.

McLaughlin is succeeding Ryan Silverman, who took on the Raoul role in April 2009. He performed the role on Broadway almost

600 times. Previously he played Raoul in the Las Vegas production.

McCartney is succeeding Patricia Phillips. She took over the Carlotta role in June 2003 and has played in the Broadway cast

for four engagements and over 1,600 performances. Phillips was the first African American to play Carlotta on Broadway. She

performed Carlotta as well with the Canadian tour and Toronto company.

Phillips and Silverman will be playing their last performances together on December 4.

Most recently McCartney was involved in the Broadway, award winning “South Pacific” revival and the live broadcast on PBC.

She originated the Sue Tilly role in Boy George’s musical “Taboo” as well as creating the Rebecca role for “Dance of the

Vampires.” Some other Broadway credits of McCartney’s include “Les Miserables,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (playing Miss

Flannery) and “Mamma Mia!” (playing Rosie).

MacLaughlin performed on Broadway in “The Woman in White” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. In “Bombay Dreams” he played Vikram and in

“Lestat” by Elton John he played Armand.

Continuing their “Phantom” roles are Hugh Panaro (playing The Phantom), George Lee Andrews (playing Monsieur Andre), Sara

Jean Ford (playing Christine), David Cryer (playing Monsieur Firmin), Evan Harrington (playing Piangi), Cirstin J. Hubbard

(playing Madame Giry), and Heather McFadden (playing Meg Giry). Marni Raab plays the role of Christine for certain