Melissa Etheridge Looks to Rock Broadway with Guest Spot in ‘American Idiot’

Melissa Etheridge Looks to Rock Broadway with Guest Spot in ‘American Idiot’

Academy Award winning singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, who is also an iconic gay and lesbian rights activist, will join

the cast of the band Green Day’s rock opera ‘American Idiot’ in February. She will replace lead singer of Green Day, Billie

Joe Armstrong, in the role of St Jimmy. She will open with the rest of the cast from the 1st of February to the 6th of


‘American Idiot’ is a one act stage musical directed by Michael Mayer, which is adaptation of Green Day’s rock album of the

same name. The story revolves around Johnny, a disillusioned teenager who runs away from the restrictions set by his parents

to find the meaning of his life. The musical has already won two Tony Awards, one for Best Lighting and Design of a Musical,

and the other for Best Scenic Design of a Musical.

Mellissa Etheridge will step in for Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie Joe Armstrong composed and co-authored the musical. He will

relinquish the role of the drug dealer St Jimmy which he took up after the original cast member, Tony Vincent, stepped down.

Billie Joe Armstrong made his Broadway debut in the September of 2010, and won the praise of many a critic. His debut greatly

fueled box office sales which went north of $1 million during his week long run.