Michael Cera Heads to Broadway in ‘This is Our Youth’

Michael Cera Heads to Broadway in ‘This is Our Youth’
As announced by The Chicago Tribune, the production This Is Our Youth is heading to Broadway’s Cort Theatre starring Michael Cera, Kieran Culkan, and Tavi Gevinson. Prior to its run on Broadway, This Is Our Youth will be staged in the round with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, June 10 – July 27. It will then be re-worked for the Broadway stage.

Director Anna D. Shapiro shared with the Tribune, “Working in the round in an intimate setting does a lot for the forming of an ensemble. You have to be pretty tight as a company. Then we can take another look at it before confronting that great rush of energy you get from a Broadway Theater.”

Cera and Culkin have worked together before in the 2012 Australian production of This Is Our Youth. Cera is known for his role on the comedy series Arrested Development as well as his work in films such as This Is the End, Juno, and Superbad among others. Culkin too has a history in film which includes roles in Paper Man, The Cider House Rules, and She’s All That among others. Gevinson will make her stage debut in the production.

This Is Our Youth tells the story of a group of privileged and naïve young adults in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 1982. It was first produced by The New Group at the Intar Theatre in 1996 featuring Josh Hamilton, Mark Ruffalo, and Missy Yager.  It moved on to play at the Douglas Fairbanks Theatre in 1998 and was followed by a run in the West End and an Australian premiere in 2002.

This Is Our Youth will begin at the Cort Theatre on Broadway on August 18, with an opening date set for September 11, 2014.