‘Pretty Woman’ Gets Musical Treatment for Broadway

‘Pretty Woman’ Gets Musical Treatment for Broadway

It seems as if the Hollywood film Pretty Woman is the next on the list to get the Broadway musical treatment according to The New York Post. Director Garry Marshall is said to be staging a Broadway version of the 1990 romantic comedy which starred Julia Roberts and earned $500 million at the box office.

The screenwriter for the film, J.F. Lawton is also working on the project alongside Marshall as co-writer. He is currently in New York meeting with potential composers, lyricists, and directors for the show. In addition to Lawton, producer Jane Wagner has been drafted to participate as well.

Pretty Woman tells the story of Vivian Ward (played by Roberts), a prostitute who falls for a millionaire (played by Richard Gere). Marshall has shown interest in transforming the film into a Broadway production since at least 2001, however his initial attempt with Peter Schneider never materialized.

No date has been released regarding when the production could be seen on the stage, though it is expected to be quite some time. Hopefully this attempt proves to be more successful than the last. Given the success of the film, the idea that a Broadway musical would succeed is not far-fetched at all.