Producers Delay Opening of ‘Spiderman’ Yet Again

Spidey’s curse has struck again.

On Friday, producers announced that the formal Broadway premier opening of “Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark” was being postponed for the fifth time in order to have more rehearsal time before raising the official curtain.

The show, with its 65 million dollar plus budget, is the most expensive production to ever come to Broadway. The show has been plagued with a series of glitches. Most recently the lead female star resigned and the stunt actor performing some of the most aerobatic and dazzling moves in the production was seriously injured.

The show features music from The Edge and U2’s Bone. Currently previews are being performed at Broadway’s Foxwoods Theatre to packed audiences. The official premiere had been scheduled for February 7.

The premiere has been pushed back now to March 15. In a statement Michael Cohl, the show’s producer, said the delay was to allow the final act of the show to be reworked in addition to other changes.

It’s ten times harder trying to tech “Spider-Man Turn off the Dark” than anything else. Also the preview schedule allows for only extremely limited rehearsal time of around twelve hours a week, Cohl said.

We need more time for fully executing the vision of the creative team before the show is frozen. I chose a March date that will allow me to ensure it will be the show’s last postponement.