Robert Pattinson Looks to Take ‘American Idiot’ Lead

Robert Pattinson Looks to Take ‘American Idiot’ Lead

The internet is swirling with rumors about Robert Pattinson as the possible lead in the upcoming “American Idiot” movie. The rumors are definitely creating a buzz about Pattinson and the movie version of the musical based on Green Day’s music. Little substance is contained in the rumors but the role could be a fit for Robert.

The rumor mill is being fed by a recent “21 Guns” Green Day pop up video on VH1 where the bubbles reportedly read “Hollywood is trying to turn it into a movie … Billie Joe has said that his first choice to play the main character: Robert Pattinson” according to Gil Kaufman in an article appearing on However, the information in the bubbles was based on interview in from April of 2009. The interview was actually about Green Day’s follow up album “21st Century Breakdown.” Billie Joe Armstrong was asked who he would want to play Christian, which is the lead character from that album. His answer was Robert Pattison.

The “American Idiot” lead might be something of interest to Robert. The role would distant him from the “Twilight” series. Pattison has an interest in music contributing some soundtrack songs, playing piano and guitar. He is young and the girls find him attractive. Billie Joe Armstrong did praise Robert Pattison’s acting. Right now a bit of a buzz has been created so it could be the right time for Robert to explore the opportunity.

Yes there are other options for the cast. Currently the role of Johnny on the touring production is being played by Van Hughes who originally played the role on Broadway. One would assume he would be considered for the role in the movie. I am also sure there would be a lot of twenty something actors willing to play the role. However, right now the buzz from the rumor mill is on Robert Pattison.