‘Spiderman’ Ready for Las Vegas, Hamburg, Arena Tour

‘Spiderman’ Ready for Las Vegas, Hamburg, Arena Tour

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will be coming to Las Vegas and Hamburg, Germany. There is also discussion of an arena tour for the show as well. The announcement was made by Michael Cohl who was brought in by Bono and Edge to save the Broadway production of the show when it was facing a host of pre-production and financial problems.

In an interview with Canadian Music Week, Cohl spoke on his company S2BN and upcoming show plans. He stated that S2BN was a diversified international family show and event entertainment company that would be bringing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark to Las Vegas and Hamburg. He was also quoted as saying, “We know what to do. We’ve got a redesign ready and I think it can be a much better show in an arena. It can be pretty crazy with all that space. It should’ve been an arena show from the beginning. The space in the theatre in this [stretched his arm modestly] and the space in an arena is this [widens his arms].”

The Broadway show is now in its third year on the stage and has risen to become quite popular on the Broadway circuit. During the week ending March 24, the show was the fifth highest grossing, bringing in about $1.1 million in earnings. Cohl has previously stated that the show would definitely last at least 5 years on Broadway and further elaborating that its run could last for up to 15 years given its current success.

Given the drastic turn around of the Broadway production after Cohl was added to the team, the upcoming shows in Las Vegas and Hamburg and the arena tour are expected to be a successful and profitable move. Fans who see the shows can expect to be wowed and given a unique experience as the team aims to create unique elements for each show to keep it fresh.

Further information about the shows will be released at a later date.