‘The Last Goodbye’ May Make Another Stop Before Broadway

‘The Last Goodbye’ May Make Another Stop Before Broadway

Though the new musical The Last Goodbye is headed to Broadway in the future, producers for the show say it is bound to make a detour prior to reaching the big stage in New York.

One of the show’s key producers Hal Luftig shared in an interview with U-T, “My guess is going to be we’re going to need another developmental production. My guess is going to be we’re going to go somewhere else before we just jump on Broadway. And I am a big believer in that (developmental process).”

Other potential Broadway producers of the production provided enhancement funds to help flesh out the production, with an amount somewhere in the seven figure range. Luftig went on to share that he was grateful to the Old Globe Theatre (where the show is currently running) for providing artists, audiences and expertise to get director Alex Timbers’ production of the Michael Kimmel-adapted show up and running.

 “The first thing we’re going to do is we’ll finish this run, and then the whole team will get together, probably in late November (in New York). [Then they’ll discuss] what worked and what didn’t work. And nothing is sacred,” shared Luftig in additional statements to U-T. Luftig who also serves as lead producer of Kinky Boots added, “It’s getting harder and harder to just leap onto Broadway. We did a little bit with ‘Kinky Boots,’ because we had to. It worked, but it was scary as hell. And it could’ve easily just gone the other way, only because these things take time to develop.”

While audiences may not want to wait for the show to hit Broadway, Luftig notes that prolonging the process of putting the production on stage and presenting a spotless show is far better than rushing to meet audience requests and subsequently disappointing with the performance. Once The Last Goodbye finishes its current run and details are hashed out, further information about the production’s move to Broadway will be released.