‘Ugly Betty’ America Ferrera Joins ‘Chicago’ Cast in London

“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera is trading in her Emmy Award winning television lead role for a leading role in the musical “Chicago” in London starting November 7, 2011. America will play the role of Roxie Hart when she joins the London cast for a limited engagement of eight weeks.

Ferrera will be able to show off her singing talents in the musical to go along with her award winning acting skills. The performances will mark America’s British and London stage debut as she will perform at the Garrick Theatre in London’s Westside. If Ferrera’s Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor Guild Awards are any indication she will be very successful in the role.

America Ferrera looks far from ugly on the photo from the musical’s website. The role of Roxie is completely different from the role of Ugly Betty and theatre fans in London will get a chance to see America like they have not seen her before. It is a great chance for America to separate herself from “Ugly Betty”and enter another world of acting. Darius Campbell an English theatre star who has not played in “Chicago” since 2006 returns to the cast to perform opposite of Ferrera as Billy Flynn.

America will also be joined by Broadway veteran Amra-Ray Faye Wright who will come to London straight from starring in the Broadway production of “Chicago.” The musical has been running in London for 14 years and has earned numerous awards. The new all star cast will help the musical perform up to its high standard. It does not look like Ferrera’s interest in theatre is going to end in London she is scheduled to perform another play 2012 which will be her Broadway debut.