We Will Rock You Dallas | Music Hall at Fair Park

We Will Rock You Dallas | Music Hall at Fair Park

We Will Rock You, the musical penned by Queen and Ben Elton is an exciting journey set to some of Queens’ most popular songs. Imported from the West End with a stop-over in Vegas, this rock n roll musical makes its way to Dallas’ Music Hall at Fair Park in March 2014.

It is some time in the future. The earth is now called Planet Mall and free thinking is not allowed. All citizens are hooked onto the internet and all thoughts are controlled by the Killer Queen and her right-hand man, Kashioggi. But there is a resistance growing among those who have discovered mysterious pieces of old technology called “video tapes” which hold amazing relics of freedom known as Music. Joining the resistance is Galileo who wants to break free from the reach of the Killer Queen and help find the lost guitar of Freddie.

Join Galileo, Scaramouche, and the band of rebels in We Will Rock You at the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas from March 4 through 16, 2014. Performances of this musical based on the songs of Queen will begin at 7:30 on all nights except Mondays. Matinee shows are scheduled on weekends and on March 13.

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We Will Rock You Dallas Cast
Pop – Kevin Kennedy
Khashoggi – P.J. Griffith
Galileo – Brian Justin Crum
Scaramouche – Ruby Lewis
Killer Queen – Jacqueline Arnold
Brit – Jared Zirilli

Books & Direction – Ben Elton
Music Supervisor – Brian May & Roger Taylor
Costume Designer – Tim Goodchild
Choreographer – Giorgia Barberi
Lighting Designer – Willie Williams
Production Designer – Mark Fisher
Sound Designer – Bobby Aitken

Address: Address: 909 1st Avenue Dallas, TX 75210
Music Hall at Fair Park: 3420