What are the Best Places to Meet Broadway Performers in NYC?

What are the Best Places to Meet Broadway Performers in NYC?

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a Broadway show; well except for meeting the very stage performers you just saw on stage. It can be a bit tricky to track down your favorite onstage stars, but here are some suggestions that may help. Just put the reigns on your inner stalker.

One tactic that people frequently use to try and meet Broadway performers is waiting by the stage door for the actors to come out. Quite honestly, this can be a hit or a miss. Some nights actors will exit the stage door and interact with the crowd by signing autographs and taking pictures within 15 to 20 minutes after a show. Other times, you could wait for up to an hour for an actor to exit via the stage door. Then there are some times when actors avoid leaving through the stage door altogether which means any waiting was ultimately done in vain. For this reason, it may be worth exploring other options which could prove to be more successful.

Jennifer J.Bogdanski suggested using “organized” activities as a forum to meet Broadway performers. She states, “many give solo concerts at the Carlyle, Lincoln Centre and other NYC venues; they participate in talks at the 92nd Street YMCA, for ASCAP/BMI or do “talk backs” after some shows; they sign cast and solo albums at Barnes & Noble etc.”

An extremely popular place that many Broadway stars like to pop in at is “Backstage” at 54 Below. Tuesday at 10:30pm, this open-mic venue boasts a variety of Broadway stars who show up to perform just for fun. According to The Daily News, “Some of the best musical theater talent lets loose, doing things you won’t see unless you’re at a private party with them. The performances get personal.” Michelle Dowdy, Jessica Vosk, Jon Patrick Walker and Judy Mora, all amazing talents, are some of the featured performers at “Backstage.” Recently, “Backstage” has also been showcasing a few of the best theater majors from a variety of college and university programs. This gives audiences the chance to enjoy up and coming talent at the start of their careers. Students from NYU, Pace, and the University of Wisconsin have all graced “Backstage” with stellar performances.

What it all boils down to is it takes a blend of creativity, commitment, and knowledge in order to interact with your favorite Broadway performers. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but ultimately the waiting and the researching are likely to result in a once in a lifetime meet and greet that you’ll never forget.

Author: Diamond Grant