Whitney Houston’s Final Film ‘Sparkle’ to Get Broadway Makeover

It appears that the late Whitney Houston’s upcoming final film, “Sparkle,” may be heading to Broadway.

Forbes reports that producer Howard Rosenman was so impressed with the unedited pieces of “Sparkle” that he saw that he plans to convert the film into a Broadway play after it premieres. Rosenman also was the producer of the original 1976 film on which the new film is based, and expressed his excitement about the new project and Houston’s performance to Forbes.

“I can tell you this one is so much better [than the original],” he said. “And people will be blown away by Whitney. She sings gospel, and she’s phenomenal.”

Rosenman also commented on the passing of Houston at age 48 this past weekend.

“And believe me, we didn’t need this publicity,” he continued. “I’d rather have her back right now.”

“Sparkle” tells the story of three sisters who aspire to be pop singers after singing in their local church. Houston plays the girls’ mother. The new version also will star Derek Luke, Cee Lo Green, Mike Epps and former “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks. Though the score for the original film was written by Curtis Mayfield, the new version also will include new songs by R. Kelly.

The production will be Houston’s sixth feature film role, and the first she has performed since 1997’s “Cinderella.”

The film was slated to be released on August 17, but that date could be moved up in light of Houston’s passing. Radar Online quotes an anonymous source that said the movie could be released as early as Memorial Day.

“The movie is in post production right now, and it could be released as soon as Memorial Day,” the source told the website. “The studio bosses want the public to remember Whitney as a brilliant performer and stunning actress.”

The source also says that Houston gives a “remarkable performance” in the role.