Why No Solo Album for Lea Michele? Blame Movies.

E! Online took on the topic de jour on Wednesday, shining a spotlight on the highly perplexing situation of where is Lea Michele’s recording contract? The recent success of her less talented “Glee” co-stars, scoring recording deals while she sits awkwardly in the corner of the gym waiting to be asked to dance, is beyond baffling. Matthew Morrison (Will Schuster) we can understand, but I mean Mark Sailing (Puck) and Naya Rivera (Santana) have either released albums or have them currently in the works. So what gives at these tone deaf record companies?

E! says that according to close friends of Michele’s, she wants to focus on her movie career and upcoming acting projects in her time away from “Glee.” Lea Michele is set to make her silver screen debut in December in the sequel to “Valentine’s Day,” “New Year’s Eve.” While we back the uber talent Michele in whatever future ventures she decides to take on, selfishly I’d have to say I’d sound the trumpet hardest for another turn on Broadway. I’m sure some savvy writer out there can work up something as juicy as “Spring Awakening” for her to sink her teeth into. Until then, we’ll just have to suffice with her bringing Broadway to the masses weekly through “Glee.”

For you New Yorkers out there, be sure to catch Lea Michele as well as the full New Directions crew on the Glee Live tour when it wraps up its US leg by swinging through East Rutherford’s Izod Center or Uniondale’s Nassau Coliseum this weekend.