‘Wicked’ Tour Stars Jackie Burns, Chandra Lee Schwartz Join Broadway Production

‘Wicked’ Tour Stars Jackie Burns, Chandra Lee Schwartz Join Broadway Production

It has recently been announced that Jackie Burns and Chandra Lee Schwartz, touring “Wicked” veterans, will join the official cast of Broadway’s very own original production. Burns and Schwartz will assume the roles of Elphaba and Glinda, switching out for the current actresses, Teal Wicks and Katie Rose Clarke.

Both Burns and Schwartz have extensive performing credits under their belts. Burns appeared in Broadway’s recent “Hair” production. Additionally, she has appeared off-Broadway in productions of “Rock of Ages” and “Unlock’d.” Schwart’s acting credits include performances in Broadway’s “Gypsy” alongside Bernadette Peters, the Las Vegas showing of “Hairspray,” Disney’s “High School Musical” as well as the New York Music Theater Festival’s “But I’m A Cheerleader.”

The current “Wicked” cast features a collection of Broadway veterans, including Richard H. Blake, Kathy Fitzgerald, Tom McGowan, Etai BenShlomo, Cristy Candle and Tom Flynn.

It seems almost inevitable that a production running as long as “Wicked” has would have to change out its cast members. Thankfully, it looks like the show will carry on in very capable hands. For those who have yet to see “Wicked,” you probably deserve a thorough browbeating. For the sake of comparison, try to catch performances with both the departing and arriving witches! There’s nothing like a bit of juxtaposition to get our inner dramatists fired up.