‘X-Factor’ Musical to Light Up West End March 2014

‘X-Factor’ Musical to Light Up West End March 2014

A musical comedy based on the reality singing competition “The X Factor” is coming to the West End in London.

“X Factor – It’s Time to Face the Musical!” is set to premiere in spring 2014 at a London theater that will be officially announced later, though the Daily Mail reports that it will be the London Palladium.

The musical will be produced by Syco Entertainment, which is Simon Cowell’s venture with Sony Music. Cowell also created the television show, which has hit versions in the U.S. and the U.K., and producers say the musical will be an “affectionate poke” at the TV series.

“‘X Factor – It’s Time To Face The Musical!’ goes behind the microphone and under the judges’ desk to reveal the (not necessarily accurate) story of heartache and laughter that keeps millions tuning in every week,” said producers in a statement. “In turn irreverent, anarchic and yet strangely touching, ‘X Factor – It’s Time To Face The Musical!’ is an affectionate poke at the world’s most talked about talent show that will please fans and knockers of The X Factor in equal measure.”

The story centers around a girl named Chenice, who is “the only girl in the world who has never heard of ‘The X Factor.’”.

“When she accidentally stumbles into the audition queue with her talking dog, she starts a journey to both stardom and love,” the description continues. “Along the way she’s joined by contestants with vastly varying degrees of ability, some judges you might well recognize and Max, a handsome ukulele-playing plumber and part time eco-warrior.”

The show is written by Harry Hill and composer Steve Brown. The latter recently was represented on West End with “Spend Spend Spend” which played at the Piccadilly Theatre in 1999.

The British version of “The X Factor” first aired in 2004, and the U.S. version premiered in 2011.