‘X-Factor’s’ Shayne Ward Becomes Stacee Jaxx in West End ‘Rock of Ages’

‘X-Factor’s’ Shayne Ward Becomes Stacee Jaxx in West End ‘Rock of Ages’

Shayne Ward, the 2005 winner of Britain’s perennial favorite, “The X Factor,” has recently signed on to the upcoming West End production of “Rock of Ages.” Outside of “The X-Factor,” you may recognize Shayne from his wildly popular album releases, “Shayne Ward,” “Breathless” and “Obsession.” For those of you on the other side of the pond, Mr. Ward’s name probably doesn’t ring a bell….at all. No matter, however!

The upcoming production of “Rock of Ages” will occur in the prestigious Shaftesbury Theatre. Ward will take on the role of Stacee Jaxx, the bad boy rocker who lives life on the edge. “Rock of Ages” has done extremely well in its North American showings, playing both on Broadway and on an extensive U.S. national tour. The musical features popular songs from internationally renowned rock bands from the golden days of metal.

Although it’s left to be determined whether “The X Factor” is really a gauge of anything, Shayne has proven himself to be an extremely successful vocal talent. Chances are good that his performance in “Rock of Ages” will do justice to the unforgettable bands the show’s tunes were taken from. Let’s hope Simon Cowell got this one right…

“Rock of Ages” is slated to begin performances on September 28th, 2011, with a tentative closing date of October 20th, 2012. Obviously, the producers are hoping that the show’s popularity will allow it to play on indefinitely.