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Most Memorable Music Born on Broadway

Broadway has brought us some unforgettable moments over the decades, especially so through stellar songs that not only stand the test of time, but also have developed a familiarity with almost everyone who hears them. Many, however, may not know the exact roots of their favorite songs, so we’ve gone behind the scenes to uncover

Broadway Actors Who Have Moved to the Director’s Chair

Artists are always seeking new challenges, fresh ways to test their skills and spark creative elements that bring new depth to their work. And just as TV and movie actors including Ron Howard, Rob Reiner and Clint Eastwood have moved from behind the camera to the director’s chair (Eastwood’s latest is a movie version of

Broadway’s Biggest Bombs

When Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom of the hit Broadway show “The Producers” planned their latest production, they expected it would be a flop, and they would earn their big payday by collecting more investments than opening night would cost to produce, leaving behind a big chunk of change. Of course, things didn’t go as

Top Colleges for Theatre Students in 2017

Many of those who dream of being on Broadway still hop a bus and head to the Big Apple with little more than a suitcase and an unquenchable desire to perform on some of the most storied stages in the world. While some of them will make it based on drive and talent, others prepare

The 7 Best Documentaries About Broadway

When the lights go up on Times Square and Broadway comes back to life for another night, it’s nothing short of magic. Here, under the soft glow of stage lights, audiences are transported to a different place, allowing them to explore the unknown or see their own reality in a completely different light. But there’s

Broadway, 1959: A Couple of Divas, Drama and Timeless Classics

The year was 1959, and although it marked the end of the era known as “The Golden Age” of Broadway pioneered by Rogers and Hammerstein’s innovative storytelling style, Ethel Merman was making history. Called “the undisputable first lady of the musical comedy stage,” Merman was starring in what many consider her most memorable role, Gypsy

When Broadway and Opera Mix

Opera is often talked about as being a seasoned mix of many art genres, most importantly theater, dance and orchestra, which come together into one unforgettable night of artistry. “Opera is complex for those who perform it, but also for those who listen to it,” said vocalist Andrea Bocelli. “It takes more time, more patience

Interview: Brad Bass Recalls His Most Wicked Memories

If Brad Bass were to talk about his relationship with Broadway today, he would likely say it’s complicated. Bass was known as Broadway Brad back in his hometown long before he ever understudied the role of Fiyaro in the Tony Award-winning musical “Wicked,” and he dreamed of becoming a well-respected member of NYC’s theater community.

Community Theatre Keeps Broadway Classics Alive

When it comes time for a community theater group to choose its next season, the options are seemingly endless. Comedies, door-slamming farces, musicals, mysteries and dramas are all audience-approved choices, and without an audience, many community theater organizations find themselves faced with tough decisions that often lead to a final curtain call. Still, the right

How Much Does It Cost to Put on a Broadway Show?

In 1960, when most Broadway shows cost as much as $250,000 to mount, the producers of “The Fantasticks” spent less than $1,000 on the set and just over $500 on costumes, while the set designer, prop master, costumer and lighting designer was one guy, the late Ed Wittstein, who made $25 a week on the